Service problems with ONTO's contractors

Oh well, a other day, another problem.

Vehicle delivered “ready to go” with 20% charge :rage:

Called up onto as there also was no locking wheel nut or manual in the vehicle.

Asked if I could use an alternativecharger as there is frequently a queue for the polar rapid near me and they refused

So they expect me to travel (on my miles) and spend up to an hour waiting to get on a charger, then spend another hour charging up when it should have been delivered with more than 20% SoC. I asked if I can use an instvolt and claim it back and they refused!

@Lily_at_Onto can you PLEASE pass this feedback on as its really not on, especially when we are paying per mile and paying for delivery costs!

Oh and it was ok for the delivery driver to leave a 2nd key in the vehicle, because it was outside my house!!! I wouldn’t like to be you explaining that to the insurers!

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Their third party delivery service leaves a lot to be desired. I’ve not had a great experience with them. When they delivered one of my cars they dumped it blocking a garage and another car in place, and due to the car arriving early my ‘key’ didn’t work straight away so I couldn’t move it immediately. Similarly, one car was delivered washed and charged. The other was filthy and needed to be taken to a charger (though not as low as yours)

Some people have had great experiences with them though. That’s the problem with it being outsourced, Onto have less control over the delivery driver standards.

My guess is that there was a wait for the charger like you describe so the driver decided to not bother.

(even if you reported it on the phone, I recommend doing the delivery inspection form if you haven’t already, outlining the missing items just to make 100% sure this is recorded and you’re not held liable on return)


I’m not going to be waiting, if there is a queue, I’ll use the Instavolt unit at my own expense and hope they sort it (not holding my breath)!

I’m fuming, moreso with OnTo saying there’s nothing they can do! I could understand if we weren’t paying for such awful service, but we are! The funny thing is, had the driver charged at InstaVolt, they’d be fully reimbursed by OnTo, why not just say yes :roll_eyes:

@Rob_Evezy You really need to sort out customer service problems before a reasonable competitor pops up and you lose customers to them. Customer service is key, and if there was a different service that matched your facilities, I’d be off in a flash!

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Whilst its nice to have the car delivered full, there are very few polar rapids near me so on every delivery so far i would have preferred the driver to have left it with me with minimal charge an hour earlier rather than sitting watching him sat at a charger 20 miles away late at night.


But the drivers aren’t limited to just Polar chargers. My delivery was supposed to be an AM, driver collected the car at 8am and didn’t get to my until 1515. I’m guessing he did the same as the driver who delivered the zoe and used the type 2 charger on the Ecotricity rapid because he was at the services ages

I think part of the problem is the drivers have tended to have little or no experience of EVs so the idea of planing a journey to pass chargers is probably foreign to them. Two out of three of my deliveries have been very late so taking even more time to charge was not a good idea.

But my point is, the delivery “service” is supposed to be on time and the vehicle is supposed to be clean and charged >60/80%.

Thats what OnTo stipulate, thats what they charge us for, and we aren’t being unreasonable expecting OnTo to deliver the service as described.

Why on earth OnTo don’t ensure the drivers they are hiring are at least make sure they know what they are doing!

As a HGV driver, I wouldn’t rock up at a company and take a tipper trailer put because I wouldn’t have a clue how to use it, yes I could legally and safely drive it, but I’d not have a clue how to do anything else.

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Delivery drivers for any of these outfits will usually have a preferred method of payment for fuel or elecy (as deemed by their finance/ops) and will use those stations/chargers. But they will be at the mercy of all manner of logistics issues from set off to final delivery. They will also be expected to do a whole raft of things before and during delivery. They will deliver any make/model of car and may not have had much in the way of instructions about any specific make/model. Others will know certain make/models very well due to the amount of time they have been involved in deliveries. In recent Covid19 times washing cars before final delivery has been waved as unnecessary when a full sanitise of the vehicle has been done before the driver sets off. Drivers usually have to wear a face mask and gloves all day long and sanitise all the time. Minimum charge on delivery is a time related issue and drivers will have multiple delivery/collections scheduled in a day. Charging puts hours onto any schedule, so sometimes a lower charge is what gets delivered. 20% is quite frankly good. You have to remember that drivers doing collections are usually faced with a vehicle that is running on fumes or flashing charge me now, turtle mode invoked!


It could’ve been done so much more efficient though, they had someone sat outside my house for 4 hours waiting for the other driver to arrive!

He left Portbury Docks at 8AM

I’d imagine the vehicle being charged before pickup, but could be wrong. So 8am to 8:30 drive to rapid charger (10 - 80% in 45 minutes) Giving a 140ish mile range

I’m 166 miles away from Portbury and it would take less than 3 hours to do the journey as it’s all motorway (+/- traffic)

So set off at 09:15 and drive 100 - 120 miles, stop again at a rapid charger (about 11am)

Charge 45 minutes - 140 mile range ~80%

Set off at 11:45 - Drive remaining 40-66 miles and still have well over 50% charge @ 12:30ish (or 11:45 if the vehicle was charged prior to departure)

Instead, the driver arrived at 15:15 with <20% charge. I can only guess the driver was using type 2 to charge rather than pulling out the plug and using CCS. He was at the services less than an hour from me for about 2 hours!

Logistics work very well with a little planning, It’s not rocket science and the last driver said they just “fill up” anywhere and claim it back, so the time could be even shorter with 100KW units.

I’d honestly much rather the “swap points” were brought back, much less messing around and very simple if swapping vehicles. Even by public transport, they were easy to get to.

*Vehicle was full on pickup

Agree with the swap points, one just up the road from me, so like others no value in delivery.
Understand your frustrations, but the assumption is the driver went straight from base to you. Often that’s not the case with the logistics scheduling other events (drop off other drivers at collection venues) along routes. Sounds like this driver had little experience of EV’s but I would give him the benefit of doubt. I find it’s always best to put oneself in the other guys position to try and understand what on earth was driving decisions.


Good point burnt_crisps2, but a quick search on google would have saved at least 2 or 3 hours on the delivery.

I suppose the driver wouldn’t have learnt either - he’d probably avoid EV’s now because of the huge AC charge times. Had OnTo submitted a crib sheet / itinerary explaining charge options would’ve helped the driver no end.

I’ve had 3 deliveries, 1 was great and I gave the chap a lift to the station. The other 2 have been abysmal, from drivers that had no idea and were charging on 7kw chargers.

Sadly, if the drivers aren’t informed properly, things won’t get better and you’ll end up with drivers not wanting EV work

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Onto will have effectively contracted the work out to Gefco and they would, I expect, have assured Onto they all know what they are doing. The website, like many others, gives that impression. The only 7kW charger I have ever used is my one at home and have never considered anything less than 50kW CCS when out and about, although obviously some cars don’t have CCS as it’s an option. A hidden gotcha :wink: if a driver wasn’t aware.

Very true and I can confirm that is the case. It’s a load more hassle compared to an ICE and of course ICE way outnumber EV’s by a huge margin.

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Apparently that’ll change by 2030 :wink:


I disagree, leaving with a car that will get you 80% of the journey, then queuing for a pump, filling up, going in to pay, going to the toilet would easily add 20 minutes to a journey.

30 - 45 minutes gets the car 10 - 80% and you are free to go to the loo, grab some grub and by time you’ve eaten, it’s ready to rock and roll.

No chance of a comfort break for my last delivery driver he stopped at Mereoak park and ride south of Reading which has no facilities. This is the only Chargemaster/Polar point west of London on the route out to Swindon.

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Well the scheduling is never going to allow time for a leisurely trip. The schedule is based on travel times only. It never allows for comfort reads, fuelling/charging or any delays, change of plans etc. I have seen schedules that have 6hrs crammed into a 4hr morning slot. Refuelling takes max. 5 to 10mins. Tops for most seasoned delivery drivers.
It’s rare for these companies to actually have software logistic planning and most are just human planners, who obviously make mistakes as they are constantly juggling the shifting sands of time.

The delivery driver for e-208 today called on the route and said it would be 40 mins charging and 30 mins driving. The charging time was suspiciously long considering the car was already at 55%. After reaching our place I chatted a bit with the driver and it was obvious that no instruction had been given. She had charged with AC and had no idea that one should take the plastic cover off and use the CCS pins (the e-208 only seems to have a cover over the CCS pins). As already written by others, Onto would benefit from making sure their subcontracts have sufficient information to do their jobs.


I must admit, at first glance, from a newbie POV - the e208 looks like AC only charge

I was very impressed at how quick it charged up on a 50kWh rapid compared to the Zoe!

Charging at 218 MPH, there’s no need to spend more than 30 - 40 minutes on a charger. Again, as I said above, I’d expect the driver to refuse any further EV work if they think they have to deal with 7kW/h “rapid charging” en route.

Thought I’d add my experience with delivery/collection today to this thread. I do think that there is something not quite right in these processes at the moment that would benefit from smoothing out.

Want to stress that the delivery driver himself was a really nice guy and keen to be as helpful as possible. The vehicle came from Gefco in Corby. It was a different base compared to the Zoe (which came from Upper Heyford).

Main problem for me was that the delivery was scheduled for 5-9pm, but I got a call at 11am from the driver to say he was an hour away from me. I explained to him that I was expecting delivering from 5pm and so I was on a journey from Brighton up to Heathrow to collect my partner arriving on a flight. Luckily, at that moment, we were less than 5 miles from each other on the M25, so we arranged to meet at a service station. We did the handover of vehicles there (took probably about 20 minutes by the time we’d both done all the photos) and then I carried on, on my way.

The driver said that he had been booked to do the delivery at the wrong time. Clearly someone is miscommunicating somewhere along the chain, between Onto telling me the delivery will be 5-9pm and the driver being told 12-5pm.

The handover process was a bit painful. The driver explained that Onto required no fewer than 30 photos, each of which had to be uploaded live, at painfully slow speed, using an app. He asked for signatures at the end of each vehicle. In the end I had to cut and run because I was late for pickup at Heathrow. He called his HQ and they were fine with letting me go. They acknowledged their app was being buggy.

I thought the handovers were supposed to be contactless. The means, presumably, they shouldn’t require signatures.

In terms of the equipment received, everything was A-OK, including the physical key, with the exception that I am missing the 3-pin charger (assume it is in the post to me?) and also missing the locking nut.

Because I had the car 6 hours early, I could not start the booking in the app The process for ending the previous booking in the app was also not intuitive. I also keep getting a pop-up telling me to renew my previous booking because it will expire “-21” days ago.

Once I got the booking started, I tried to report that the locking nut was missing through the “report damage” function in the app but this just returns error messages.

Finally, I haven’t received any communication from Onto about the delivery/collection since the original “Swap Confirmation” email when I made the booking about 4 weeks ago. That email contains a link to the “Swap Guide” which has some useful instructions. But nowhere have I been asked to fill out the online forms for delivery and collection. If it weren’t for this message board, I wouldn’t know they existed.

All in all, the delivery, swap and collection process feels a bit broken at the moment. Think there is some “process optimisation” that could be done here!