Service - In 600 miles

Hi all, new to ONTO, car delivered on the 25th so had for a week. Noted car requires a service in about 600 miles so at start of my second month with the car as no plans to swap or return just yet.

How do I book its service in, cannot find anything easily that has steps of what to do.

Car is Peugeot e-208 GT.


You need to call Onto (driverline) and book it in for a service.
Worth checking online where your nearest dealers are so you can ask for it at one you select and if you need a loan car for the day also. Loan cars are sometimes many weeks before availability, so if it might be quicker to just do a while you wait, if it suits you and make sure driverline know that is the case.

Once it’s booked and confirmed, give the dealership a call and make sure they have logged the booking into their own system as sometimes they forget to do this, which will mean some confusion/delays when you turn up for the appointment.

Thank you Burnt!

We have a main Peugeot dealer 5mins away where we get out 2008 done.

Will call Driverline this week to get it booked in.

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Make sure you check with the dealer that you’re actually booked in.

And yes for long-term readers, I am going to post this on every service thread I see. :joy:


How many miles has it done and how old is it?

71 plate so 2021 and 11786 miles.

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Isn’t the first service due at 12 months/8000 miles, whichever comes first?

Mine was first registered in September 2021 and I got its service done mid August. Its still done less than 8k miles !

Past both on this car, I’ll speak to Driverline as they should know if it’s been done before.

If it has then something amiss for the car to show service is required in the next 600 miles.

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If you enter the reg here….

It’ll tell you when it was first registered so you’ll know how old it is.

It’s a September 2021 registration… Seems on some e208 forums owners have had similar experience of 8000 miles and being serviced and car triggering service reminder for 12000 miles.

Odd for sure, but I’ll get it booked in.