Sense over style...thinking of swapping from Ioniq to Citroen DS....Ds feedback more than welcome😁

Hi all…been driving the Ioniq for 2 faultless weeks now covering 700 miles…it’s so frugal and refined,but unfortunately…looks wise…not so great. Seen a couple of DS3’s about…only a couple because they seem to be a rare car because of cost probably…but they really catch my eye…covered the mileage in the Ioniq recently because of a holiday in gorgeous Cornwall from South Wales but my normal daily commute is 70 miles and charge up at Osprey 50KW point on way home 2 miles away from my house…so range anxiety would be no problem now as our next holiday is booked for July departing from Cardiff Airport…any advice etc.
would be most appreciated ASAP because availability for the DS3 might be gone. PS…I WOULD MUCH PREFER THE E-C4 BUT AVAILABILITY NEVER CROPS UP HERE IN SHEEP COUNTRY. LOL :laughing:

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For me the Ioniq is, unique at the front sure. But then driving an Ioniq means it’s one less to look at

Plus it’s not made for looks but for getting the job done and done well. Personally if I was to upgrade I’d go for the Kona or ID3.

Stellantis vehicles just lack the range


If you want one of these cars, or any other Stellantis vehicle I would recommend waiting until the weather improves. They’re just not efficient enough in the cold and the range is poor. Despite the larger battery you’ll get less range than the Ioniq in the cold. Even your 70 (high speed?) miles could be a push when it’s cold, wet and windy especially since you’re rapid charging so won’t have a full battery to play with.

Remember too that you’re going to lose features like adaptive cruise control if you switch to the DS3. A lot of the controls including many HVAC features have to be operated through the touchscreen, and that system generally isn’t as good as Hyundai’s.

I think my advice would be to stick with your current car for now, or move to the Kona if you really want an upgrade. Once we get into better weather then go for the DS3/C4 as it’s range improves when warmer.


As everyone has said I wouldn’t put yourself through the pain of the poor winter range, I had the DS3 in Early October and it started to drop off badly.

Plus the whole ds brand is confusing, they’re supposed to be the self titled premium badging of Citroen but the car is missing heated seats, steering wheel, wireless phone charging in this trim level, and there is hardly any rear leg room/tiny boot. The drivers seat doesn’t go that far back either if you’re tall. Despite all those things it can be quite a fun drive.


I had, and thoroughly enjoyed, an Ioniq as my first Onto experience. I know I (mostly tongue-in-cheek) was critical that it looked like a “grey taxi” (in my defence I had had two very grey ICE cars between 2004 and 2021)…

…but the Ioniq is packed with great stuff, and is so gloriously efficient….

…I really would consider taking yourself off to a quiet corner and giving yourself a good talking to before you relinquished its many charms.

(But definitely Kona or ID3 seem sensible dreams to have!)

I’ve often thought that, if subscription was for some reason no longer an option for me and I ended up in the ownership model again, I’d inevitably be looking for a second hand EV. And in that circumstance, I’d almost certainly be looking at an Ioniq. I just can’t think of a better all-rounder for sensible money.

And its efficiency would be a big plus, not just for range but because I’d be paying for the juice!


Yup just like what everyone said. Don’t bother going for the DS3. I had that in July last year and I could only manage 120 miles on motorway speeds. The trim loses out on a lot of basic features like heated seats and stuff. I think the ultimate trim has wireless charging but I’d still stay out of it. The boot is tiny. Half the time I had to drive with the back seats flat to have enough space.

Kona or ID3 would be the best choice. Well worth the money. I have a kona so I’m a bit biased towards it and absolutely love it. However, I have seen the ID3 Family from a few subscribers and it is quite good.

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Out of interest what part of South Wales?..or sheep Country as you refer to it lol. My only knowledge of an Osprey is at the Red Kite at Nantgarw

There’s a few down Cardiff Bay & scattered around the city now too @Shm66

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Thought I’d mistakenly stumbled onto an ornithology forum for a moment :wink:


The boot in the kona is too small as well, I keep a lot of junk in my boot and it used to annoy me every time things practically falling out when I opened it. It’s well spec’d though, I miss the safety features it had.

I know there’s not much room behind the driver’s seat because you’re so tall, but you really shouldn’t put the kids in the boot. It must really hurt them when they hit the ground :wink:

So if you had a free choice of any car, ICE or EV, say up to £50k, what would you get?


Thanks all for your feedback…Will be definitely keeping the Ioniq for now. :+1:

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Hi…Llanelli/South Wales.
The Osprey charger i use is at Marston’s Sessile Oak restaurant and hotel across the road from Parc Y Scarlets Rugby ground :+1:

Having had both the DS3 and the kona, kona’s boot feels more usable and bigger. I rarely have to dump things in the back seat. But in the DS3 same things I’d need to lower the seats and that’s with the charging cables

Haha I’d love to put the kids in the boot so I don’t have to hear them.

My criteria for the perfect car, lots of leg room, big boot, aggressive looks, lots of driver conveniences, lots of safety features, fast acceleration, excellent handling in the corners.

Ev wise I’m itching to try the polestar 2 however the cheaper single motor version being front wheel drive is a bit of spoiler. I love the ID4 but for £899 a month it should be a higher trim gtx version, it’s also let down by the 5 inch driver’s display. I think the prices across all leasing brands are insane.

ICE wise I don’t like cars that are too common, I would love to own a VW Arteon.

What are your picks for Ev and ICE under £50k?

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Wot :crazy_face: is that like an hour of you driving? :crazy_face:


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Pretty much! Tried making a plan for Lake District, we planned two charge stops but ended up stopping for like 5 chargers on the way and one was broken so added another half an hour to our trip to find the next working one. A trip that should take roughly 6 hours took us about 10 to 11 hours. This includes driving, charging and waiting for chargers to free up.

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I am originally from the Rhondda