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Hey everyone,

As some of you may have seen, we briefly launched the new postcode filter a few weeks ago. We discovered a technical issue after it went live and we had to take it off the website much to your (and our) disappointment.

However, today is finally the day a lot of you have been waiting for! We heard your requests and are really excited to be launching our new postcode filter feature, which is now live on the website! :tada:

Simply go to the electric cars category page and enter your postcode in the new filter at the top, and in the click of a button you can now easily see all the cars available to you in one go.

We still have limited availability at the moment - but don’t be put off! You can sign up to be updated on car stock in your area via email with our “back in stock” notification.

We are always looking for ways to improve our service and make life as easy for you as possible so feel free to reply with any more changes or features you would like to see!


I can confirm this works :slight_smile: :wink:


Awesome work!! This was a much needed enhancement to the site. I can also confirm this works. Saw the two most expensive cars in my area :sweat_smile:


How do I find the thing to be updated about my area?

Great stuff. Thanks onto team!

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Excellent :+1: and there are even some e-ups, Zoe, ID.4, I-pace’s available along with quite a lot of Audi’s in OX15 zone.

This is fantastic

I hope you guys can come up with a solution for the north south availability divide. The disparity is ridiculous and seems to be an everlasting problem of this country in general. I recently did a swap at a relatives house 200 mile round trip and still obviously had the £50 swap fee.


Excellent enhancement.

And works for my area if I could afford ID4 and above :joy:

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Hi @BillN, if you view a particular car model you’re interested in, click ‘Let’s go’ and enter your postcode, if the car is unavailable to your postcode, you’ll be able to enter your email and click ‘Notify me’ to hear more. You need to sign up to specific car models in a specific postcode.

You can also access the ‘Notify me’ form if you filter our cars page by your postcode and there are no models available to your postcode.

If you can’t see a ‘Notify me’ option for the car you’re interested in, that’s because the model won’t be available again in the near future.

Hope that helps! :grinning:


Thanks - I’ll give that a whirl

Hmm - what is it that determines whether the notify me button is shown or not?

Most cars I just tried seem to have it, but the e-Up (which must be what I tried first time around) doesn’t show it?

Does that mean all e-Ups will be de-fleeted when ever they are returned?

If not, then couldn’t people be notified when one is returned by a customer and so becomes available again?

No it just means they don’t have plans for any further mass restocks and it will eventually be phased out. You’ll also see this with some other models like the Kona Premium SE which is still in circulation but out of production for example.

These emails only go out when there is a restock of a batch of brand new cars, not the return of a single vehicle already in the fleet.


Yeah, but why?

If someone is actively after a particular car, why not allow them to be notified when one comes available on the system.

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If Onto don’t do it themselves, I’m sure someone could use or build a third party service that automatically checks for updates

Just googled and this came up first

Might work

If the e-Up will eventually be phased out, I wonder what would be chosen as the entry model?

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The beauty of this new filter by postcode feature, is you can bookmark the filter page directly, for one tap access whilst I wait for a Tesla SR+ to become available in my postcode.



That doesn’t work.

I but my email addrsss in for an e208 for someone else . Checked this morning and this car is available.

But no email received to tell me

What they didn’t mention is that this only works when Onto do a mass restock of cars in the fleet (in other words, they buy a large order of cars and add them onto the fleet in addition to what they already have).

This doesn’t work for cars which have been returned into the system by another customer or 1-2 cars being added to the fleet. You’ll need to keep manually checking for that.


That works well, thanks for the heads up :heart_eyes: