Scotland charging places

This probably been spoken or mention but when you open zap map with charging locations you see loads of them in England but Scotland mostly charge place Scotland specially in Aberdeen we are fully supplied with charge Scotland but only few shell and 2 bp . Why onto don’t make better deals and only use shell , bp and instavolt?

Remember that your Shell card works with lots of other networks too. Networks like Osprey, Fastned, Ionity and Geniepoint to name a few. There are actually quite a lot of supported chargers in Scotland with the provided cards between Shell roaming networks and Instavolt.

It’s better to the south around Edinburgh and Glasgow for sure, but even around Aberdeen there are some options for you.

Swarco, the network that currently operates the Chargeplace Scotland brand are apparently still intending to work with Shell and introduce roaming agreements in future so hopefully one day your card will work on CPS Chargers too. But in the meantime you would have to get your own Chargeplace Scotland card and use them at your own expense - Thankfully these tend to be reasonably priced though.


Hi Koda
Yeah I went to Zap-Map and yeah network growing to this side but it’s when you go further north that gets less option . I do have charge Scotland card for any emergency :grin::grin: but you know when you are paying onto with charge included you don’t really want to go and pay more from your own pocket . Would be good if all this networks would join together instead of having one million cards

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I have an Osprey charger near me, but I go to CPS one slightly closer and use my CPS card.
Yes CPS costs me 25p per KWh, but why lumber ONTO with a bill for £1 per kWh.
Then if I travelled 4 mile in other direction the CPS charging is free but is always busy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I live 12 miles from the nearest Onto partner charger so used Podpoint at Tesco until they added a tariff for charging on the 1 Nov.

I’ve tried my Shell card at ChargePlace Scotland in the past but it’s never worked. Needed a quick charge this afternoon so tried my Shell card and it worked. I’m wondering now if Swarco and Shell have the roaming agreement in place?