Say hello to the Volkswagen ID4 Life Pro Performance!

Hello everyone!

Meet the new Volkswagen ID4 Life Pro Performance!

The ID4 is the third Volkswagen model to join the Onto fleet and following the success of its sibling, the excellent ID3, it looks like VW have delivered another superb EV. So good in fact it was named ‘World car of the year’ at the 2021 World Car Awards!

Volkswagen’s first fully electric SUV, this ID4 Life Pro Performance model has the largest battery and the most powerful motor available, making it both practical and dynamic.

Sounds good, what else has it got going for it?

Plenty. Like an intergalactic traveller from the future, the ID4 is all about space. With room for all the family, there’s a sense of openness throughout the cabin; including exceptional head and leg room wherever you’re sitting, as well as a spacious boot.

The futurism extends to its features too – like the ID Light, a light bar under the windscreen that offers a premium design touch while delivering a variety of innovative functional benefits too. Plus, there’s the latest driving technologies from Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), including radar controlled distance monitoring along with braking interventions, meaning the ID4 is designed with your utmost comfort and safety in mind.

It’s got presence on the outside too. Sleek modern styling along with the upgraded 19” Hamar wheels further enhance the ID4’s stature and make it appear to be travelling even when standing still. It all adds up to an award-winning EV that we think you’ll agree is a compelling package!

The Volkswagen ID4 Life Pro Performance is available to book now for delivery by mid-November for £899 per month! For more information about the Volkswagen ID4 visit the car page here

Let us know your thoughts about this award-winning addition to the Onto family below!


ONTO is playing with my feelings now 🥲. I just started to enjoy the kona and then this comes out. Soon they will release the ID4 family as well.


I just wish that blue colour was available on the ID.3 :sob:

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Very tempted, however I think it’s overpriced.


ahhhh I have all ready changed which car to get three times and I havent even sat in one yet! The price slightly puts me off if were 100-50 cheaper think I would be going for it! and they have the colour I like


Having had a quick look at lease deals, it’s almost £300 more expensive then the equivalent deal. Come on onto, no way insurance and maintenance would equal this on a monthly basis. If it was in the £600-£650 bracket, I’d be swapping my kona (which I love) immediately!


I could have been very tempted but the price point is just too rich, shame.

Not sure where you get that from just done it on a comparison site and with the closest one matching OntO it comes out to the below, and all are Factory orders, probably delivery June 2022

That is based on 2years and 1 months deposit, and 12K Miles…


I think we’re comparing the price point to other cars on onto and looking at the specs you’re just getting a bigger ID3 Life Pro which is £559. The increase to £899 isn’t justifiable given the spec in my opinion.


Totally agree :slight_smile:

People will go to that ID.4 as its a proper SUV (god i hate that term) and has a decent range and lots of goodies and it appeals to a different demographic.

I wouldnt pay £600 never mind £900 for a car, but this isn’t aimed at my demographic…

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I’d be interested to see what lease company can better ONTO’s price by £300.

Using Drive Electric as an example, for 10,000 miles per annum over 24 months (actually less mileage than ONTO), they’ll offer it at £604pcm. When you add on the £5432 initial rental divided by the 24 monthly payments, it’s £830pcm.

Is £69 really that bad for the benefit of inclusive insurance, inclusive public charging and the ability to manage your subscription monthly? I’d argue not.


Can’t see a big uptake to be honest it’s the cheapest base model and people made the mistake before with the id.3,I would rather spend an extra 100 and get the audi :thinking: it would of been a much better fit at a 750 price point bridging the gap from the rest of onto cars up to the luxury end

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What mistake with the ID.3?

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The same one I made. Got the ID3 Life model straight away and thought no thanks for that price range, gave it back as soon as I could. Didn’t feel right to me at all for the price point.

I think Slim is trying to say why bother with the Life model when no one wants it. They want the higher spec models not the base ones.

think I shall wait for a BYD or similar under £300 :slight_smile: … Can but hope :slight_smile:

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I think the Life model is flying of the shelves tbh - yea it’s not everyones cup of tea but it’s certainly not unpopular or not in demand - it’s a very solid car IMO


ID.4 in the Life spec at least has 6 speakers, pity VW couldn’t spring for it in the ID.3 but c’est la vie!


I think it’s a bit unfair to make a huge distinction between the Life and the Family, as if the Life is a barebones shed, whereas the Family has every option. They are both high-spec cars; however, if a reversing camera, dual-zone climate, different headlamps and different seat fabric are worth an extra £360 per year for you, then that’s a personal choice. That’s what ONTO are here for - to provide different choices for different people.

It doesn’t make the ID.3 Life a “mistake”, neither does its popularity suggest so.


Don’t forget the panoramic roof :slight_smile: that’s what I changed my order for!


Bizarrely enough, I omitted that because it’s actually something I don’t want on the car - the other options I’d be happy to have, but it’s just not worth the extra cash to me. For me the panoramic roof is additional weight, high up on the car and only really of use to rear-seat passengers :slight_smile:

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