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Hi - I spent a long time yesterday on the chat facility and then the phone number trying to become a new customer :slight_smile:

However, the answer to my question 'where is this car in stock if not in my area - could not be answered. I understand the company wants to deliver the car to a known address from licence - but I would happily have paid more for delivery.

I also asked WHEN will the car be in stock in my area (so I do not go to a competitor and you can win my business!? :wink: )

Again - standard scripted answer. Any advice on how members of this forum have managed to get out of the generic loop to receive proactive advice on when a car will be available? Thank you!

Unfortunately there is no way of knowing. It all depends on delivery of new vehicles and other subscribers returning their vehicles. ONTO don’t like to promise what they’re not 100% sure that they have available.

It is also location dependent because that’s how their third party delivery partners are set up.

If you want a specific vehicle, then you’ll need to check the website as often as you can and be ready to reserve a vehicle you’re interested in immediately.


Also be sure to check at any available opportunities as a popular car can come and go in a few minutes, I’ve noticed.


Welcome along to the community. Hope you’re successful soon. :crossed_fingers:

What car are you interested in btw?

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The problem with availability is it depends so much on when existing customers choose to leave / swap. What’s not available one day may be available the next if someone swaps.

Deliveries of new vehicles should, in theory, be more predictable, but particularly in the current circumstances that’s just not the case.

The availability of vehicles on the website is live; customer services aren’t going to be able to give you any more information than the website does.


Hey there - I am trying to book Citroen E-C4

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Thanks everyone for all the tips

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I think that Onto have been getting batches of the e-C4, brand new, for the last couple of months. I nearly applied for one myself, so was watching the possible choices over the upcoming several weeks (I went for a different car after all).

there’s every possibility there will be a small batch coming up for delivery in your area - and equally there are enough out there, I suspect, for ones to be returned at any time. So just check in a couple of times through the day and see how it goes.

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Back in the day this came up. I couldn’t get it to work for me but you may have better luck with a search for Citroen E-C4

25 Apr

Check out - It was a great help for me when trying to find a specific car to become available. It monitors the website for changes and then alerts you when it sees an update. Just make sure you make it refresh the cars page with your postcode already entered, so you only get an alert when it’s specifically in stock in your area.


If using then you want to set it up to monitor the following URL:

And then add your postcode on the end of that link with no spaces.

OP - It may also be worth looking out for the Hyundai Ioniq too. It’s cheaper than the C4 but similar size car, very well specced, and range is about the same if not slightly more… Just to get you in a car sooner if that comes up first. Remember once you have a car you can swap for just £49.50 so even if you take this cheaper alternative as a temporary measure it may still make sense.


Wise words from @Koda - and, in practice, once you’re subscribed and from experience, the swap fee can be subsidised from your loyalty, so has a nice feeling of evaporating if you save up your Reward points with swaps in mind….

Just contact when you swap and ask for the loyalty points to offset or pay for the swap, folks!

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Don’t know what area you’re in but there’s at least one available in the north of England right now.

Ditto same in Oxfordshire

Am in London area - unf still showing no stock. Thanks again everyone taking time to reapond

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Heads up @Kay_10

E-C4 showing today for me (as is ID.3 and ID.4 which I haven’t seen for a week or two…)

South Hertfordshire/Greater London border area!