Ridiculas service

I have been dealing with complant team for since may over fake made up millage that raheel said would get waved as its ontos mistake and now the calls cant be found how conveniant anybody know who the managing director is as i wont this taking higher now and getting nowhere with them

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Raheel left a good few months ago…

Its quite easy to find who the MD is of OntO - its Rob Jolly but will tag @Hena_at_Onto who might be able to help you, but remember not all calls are recorded within any CS environment, and they are only kept for a month or so, in most cases.


Hi @Ml_ang, sorry for the situation you’ve been placed in. As part of the Complaints Team, I’ve been dealing with this situation directly with you and I would like to reassure you that we investigated this using the calls and emails attached to your profile. I’m sorry if you are unhappy with the response I’ve provided, but if you do wish to escalate this further, please do follow the steps in the email sent out to you.

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