Reward Points: Reduce Excess

I’m trying to redeem some of my rewards points +4800 in exchange for the reduced excess that I want to use against my current vehicle.

A customer support agent over email says I can’t do this - I’d need to arrange a car swap first.

The website says I can do this:

  3. The T&Cs don’t mention having to apply it to vehicle swap - Onto - Rewards Terms

"If you’re already an Onto member, you can only add the bolt-on when you swap cars. You’ll be given a choice of bolt-on options when you’re going through the process of choosing your new model. "


Thanks Koda! Looks like OnTo need to clear up those first two pages I listed.

Unless the page you listed is the one that’s wrong? (wishful thinking)

To be honest, I’m not surprised and I probably shouldn’t have got my hopes up after reading the first two links. My 7 months with On.To has been pretty rough so I should have known better. My 8th month will hopefully be my last.

Thanks again Koda - OnTo should pay you for providing customer service! If I could give you a chunk of my rewards points then I would!

Unfortunately it requires a swap due to the need for such precise documentation of the condition of the vehicle at the time of taking out the policy to make sure that it’s not abused by people trying to claim for pre-existing damages at a reduced rate.

As such the page I linked you to is correct. The page you found is also correct, in that you can redeem the points against it, but only if you already have it, or are making a new booking. I agree that the wording could be a little clearer.

It’s a shame to hear that you’ve had issues throughout your time with Onto. More members of staff have been recruited and are trying to tackle various issues and improving certain processes wherever they can. It would definitely be worthwhile to reach out to them with feedback so they can take it on board for the future.

I’ve said it before but if they’d like to put me to work then my inbox remains open to the management who read through this community. I’m very conveniently unemployed due to illness right now and would be happy to try taking on a little part time remote work helping people out!


Give this man a job @Adam_at_Onto @Rob_at_Onto He’s one of the MVPs here on the forum and has incredible knowledge!


@Koda DM your cv. We haven’t got any remote roles open at the moment and thank you for your contribution to our community.

Thanks @BenB, always great to get recommendations.