Reviews test id4, model y, Mach e, ix3, ioniq 5, Q4 and Enyaq


Just noticed these comments on Twitter…

Skoda Enyaq outsold #Tesla Model Y in Europe by almost 2:1 (44k vs 26k) and has a lead time of more than a year vs MY in 2 months (allegedly up to 5, but data doesn’t confirm).

Enyaq registered more than Model 3 AND Model Y COMBINED, in The Netherlands, last year.

But if that’s a surprise to anyone, they didn’t check on pricing.

Enyaq starts at less than 43.000 over here.
Model 3: 50K
Model Y: 64K!

So yeah, apples and oranges, tasty!

Of course Model Y is not really fully in manuf as Berlin has yet to kick into full production.
Availability should be weeks, compared to Enyaq, which will continue to be months, many.