Returning to Onto additional driver question

As I’ve been away from Onto since June I have a rejoining question, does anyone know if I need my additional driver to register a new account to connect to mine as an additional driver or will I automatically be able to add my previous additional driver once all of the booking is confirmed?

Should just work as a straightforward pause and restart.
If it was a very long time, say 6 months or more, then they might need to do some licence checks to ensure all parties still meet the requirements for insurance.


Hey @dolores1976

Hope you’re well!

If the person you previously had as a named driver still has an email registered with us we can add them straight on with no need to sign up again.

You just need to book your vehicle , we’ll do our licence checks to check you’re still eligible then add them on on the day of delivery for you :slight_smile:

Great to have you back!


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Thanks @Dan_at_Onto the person does still have a registered email so thats good news. Do I have to just wait until my booking is confirmed, how long does that usually take?, and then request for them to be added?

Glad to be back and can’t wait to drive the Renault Megane :)!


Oooo - another Meganista! :clap: