Returning Car

Having looked at the Forum thought this topic would help others looking for car be it new or to swap.
This would give people a bit of insight into available cars, obvious not guaranteed you will get that car.
So would be good if you could give the following:
Car returning
Year of car
General condition

But how would people know it’s a new batch, as unregistered cars are lying in storage for over a year in places like Sandoft, Bristol etc

Not likely as there are way too many shortages.
Manufs need to sell whatever they can and quickly.

New Models are scarce, drive past Gefco and the one up the road from it on M180 you will see them. Hyundai Ioniq’s galore and 38kwh Kona’s. No one wants them now, all dealers want larger battery Kona’s and Ioniq 5.
My son-in-law sells Jeep’s and everyone wants their EV which they don’t even make yet, due 2023 in USA :open_mouth: customers won’t buy the plug in hybrid Jeep as will wait (long wait :grinning:)

Car returning: Tesla Model 3 SR+
Year of car 2021 (71 plate)
Mileage 3360
Colour Midnight Silver
General condition Polished, waxed and beautiful!

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Car returned = Zoe ze50 21 plate 10k miles in white, cleaned thoroughly inside and out.

My Tesla I returned has just gone live on the website. Its been polished and waxed a perfect grab for someone wanting a new Tesla. Only has 3500 miles on it!