Returning car - partial refunds?

After 16 months of having been with - I’ll get a new vehicle and I’ll need to return my car. Aside from booking collection - if I return my vehicle in the middle of the rental period, would I get a pro-rata refund? Or would it be better to end the rental at the exact end of the month?

Thank you!

@Adam_at_Onto confirmed last week that you do not get a partial refund now


@manub as @Jimmi1 mentions I did clarify that our contracts are monthly and there is no pro-rata process if you return the car mid contract.

Not sure on the refund… But been charged for the return day, which was conveniently the day after my contact ended. Can’t use the car as collection time is between 9am & 5pm, and charged for the delivery day despite not actually having the car to be able to drive it. Pretty obvious money making tactics, and sours a very good hiring experience that I’ve recommended to many people. Still waiting on a response (over 24hrs) to the query of a £12 charge to my card…

UPDATE: Refund has been issued for the additional charge.