Returning car is an absolute nightmare


I’ve been using Onto whilst waiting for a new EV to be delivered. On 27th January I was notified our new car was going to be delivered on the 8th February so I thought I’d arrange to have the Onto car collected on the day the new EV arrived.

On 28th January I filled in the online car return form and received an acknowledgement saying someone would be in touch to arrange a date for collection. On 29th January I received an email saying that the collection had been arranged for the 17th February and payment was taken. I responded saying I thought this was negotiable and that I wanted the car returned on the 8th February even though the contract runs until 17th February as I won’t have anywhere to keep the car safely once our new car is delivered.

On 30th January I received an email asking me if I wanted it collected on the 8th and I responded saying yes. I received no response.

On 2nd February I sent an email asking for confirmation that the car would be collected on the 8th. No response.

On 3rd February I sent an email asking for confirmation that the car would be collected on the 8th. No response.

On 4th February I sent an email asking for confirmation that the car would be collected on the 8th. That email was responded to at 23.58 saying that they couldn’t do the 8th but they could do the 10th as I hadn’t asked a week in advance for the 8th (I asked on the 29th which is over a week before the 8th). If I wanted the 10th I should phone to confirm.

On 5th February I phoned and said that I’d accept the 10th and the person I spoke to said I would get an email confirming that the car would be collected on the 10th.

On 6th February, having not received the email, I phoned again and was told that the logistics team had all gone home but that a ticket would be raised and that I’d receive confirmation today to say that the car will be collected on the 10th.

Today (7th February) having received no confirmation I phoned again, the lady I spoke to said that she could not get through to logistics but she would treat my call as a priority and would call me back.

I’ve not heard anything else.

So, I don’t know if the car will be collected on the 10th if if I’m just screaming into the void trying to get someone at Onto to listen and act upon my request. Onto are very quick to take the money for the return but are offering zero assistance in return.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the car after the 8th, probably park it in a layby somewhere. I don’t know how I’ll get the keys to anyone collecting it as I’m off work on the 8th and the 10th but I am not off work on the 17th when it looks like Onto are going to try to collect it.

All in all, a very disappointing series of non-events.

EDIT: Less than half an hour after posting this Onto phoned to say the car will be collected on the 10th. It’s not the 8th as originally asked but at least it’s not the 17th.

:point_up: tagging @Adam_at_Onto to see if there is anything they can do to sort out this.

Thanks, let’s hope so. I’m on the verge of drinking beer on a school night.


I’ll cheers to that :beers:

Hi @ErylT apologies for the delay in CS getting back to you. We have some sickness and absence recently which has led to our response times being slower than normal. I’ll check with the logistics team tomorrow but at this stage its unlikely that we will be able to get the car picked up on the 8th.

Just out of interest what is the new car that you got?

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Hi Adam, we bought a Kia Niro EV4.


Nice car @ErylT. Ref the pick up date, I checked with our logistics team and unfortunately the earliest date we pick up is the 10th February (which has been scheduled). Apologies for the inconvenience.

@Adam_at_Onto My car got picked up on the last day of my subscription even though I asked if it could be picked up earlier and I did not want a pro rata refund.
Was quite happy to pay until subscription end but it was a no from Onto who said it would be last day of sub.
My car just sat on road doing nothing for 10 Days , when it could have been collected and been getting ready for next Customer.

Might have been a logistics issue as they are still struggling nationwide with a lack of drivers across all the industries.

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Just to add my current experience here, I too initiated a cancellation through the app just over a week ago. No option to schedule the pickup in that process, so I called CS on Saturday (28/1?) and spoke with a gentlemen who at first told me it wasn’t possible to schedule an early pickup, but after conferring with a colleague decided that it was indeed possible, (I’m out of the country on my subscription end date, so it’s rather necessary for an early pickup). We arranged the 13th and concluded the call.
After reading this thread, I just called CS back to be sure, and everything is confirmed as the 13th, all good.
I think @Adam_at_Onto it would be really helpful if an automated confirmation email could go out when a pickup/drop-off is scheduled as I couldn’t find anywhere in the app or website to confirm by myself (had to call CS) - as otherwise the next comms would be a call or text from the pickup driver on day of.
Previously I’ve scheduled a couple of swaps and there is plenty of confirmation emails & contracts triggered by that process.

No they said it is onto policy now that it will be uplifted at end of Sub.

That sounds a bit bizarre.
@Adam_at_Onto is this correct? new policy?

Think it is to stop the pro rata refunds

Thanks @Jimmi1 not sure why we wouldn’t have picked up early. I’ll take a look at what happen in both yours and @ErylT and review with CS and our logistics team.

@burnt_crisps2 We don’t pro-rata if a customer requests for a car to be picked up early. Our contracts are monthly. It’s not a change of policy it’s what we have/or should have been doing (i.e no pro rata refunds).

@Adam_at_Onto it didn’t bother me and I just accepted it as I had paid anyway.
I had a pro rata refund before which paid for collection so thought the policy had changed, but as you said refunds should not have been paid previously

No I understand that and always have done from Evezy days, but I see you are saying you should be picking up early when requested, which is what I was querying.

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Ah got it. I don’t see why if a customer requests an early pick up why we wouldn’t do that. I will check into this further.

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