Returning car early?

Hi all,

Can we return a car early due to needing to leave country for period of time and if so would we be able to get a refund for the day’s that are aren’t used before end of months contract?

You can return the car early yes. If you give them a call during office hours they will be able to book it in. Note that it’s generally just under a weeks notice between requesting and the first date that Gefco can come to collect.

There will likely be no refunds on the unused time as per the terms and conditions.


Does the driver of our car need to be there or is it okay if someone else is there when it’s being collected?

As long as there’s someone to hand over the keys and sign off a condition report I think it’s fine for anyone to do it, unlike the policy for deliveries.

Can you arrange to return a car late, so say you want to hire for 2.5 months rather than 3 complete months. Will the 0.5 be pro rata?

Late/Early are the same thing as far as Onto look at it. It doesn’t matter if you’re early for your next renewal or late from your last one. Its a change/end of your hire agreement outside of the included days.

You can definitely ask to have the car collected no problem. But you probably won’t be refunded. If you are lucky enough for them to arrange it in a way that your next invoice is pro-rated then it would still only be an account credit for future use rather than back to your payment card I believe.