Return confirmation

I returned my evezy car last Saturday ( 4 days ago now).
I left it at the pre-arranged drop off location, locked the car, finished the booking in the app and walked away as I had been instructed.

Since then I have had no communication from evezy.
So I am unsure if the car was dropped off at the right place and collected by them or if there were any other issues. It would be nice to get a message, “we have collected your car, thanks for your custom” or basically any sort of reply.
I find the lack of communication a little disconcerting.


What shows up on your account, online and on the app?

No active subscriptions are showing online or in the app.

I meant the original post as a suggestion that there should be some off-boarding communication, as so far I have received none.

I assume they would have contacted me if there was an issue with the drop off, but as I have heard nothing I assume there was not,


Having returned a vehicle last August, can confirm there was no follow up email or other contact at that time and seen nothing to suggest that process has changed. The default seems to be if there is no issue, there will be no follow up from Evezy. Suggest this would be good to see in the future via app or email or both. @Lily_at_Evezy suggest this is another worthwhile addition to the process stating all OK with the return. Thank you for using Evezy etc.

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Off boarding Guide

I totally agree it is pretty poor, especially as most of the time when you return something you will get some sort of confirmation from the company you are dealing with, an email or txt, it gives you that warm fuzzy feeling that the circle is complete :slight_smile:

But you return a car worth thousands and into the black hole it goes…


Hi all, thanks for your suggestion. Indeed I will raise this with the team and aim to add it to our process!


Perhaps add an Exit Survey to the off boarding process as well. That way you could better understand why subscribers are leaving. Not happy with the service or vehicle choice? Purchasing or long term leasing an EV after using evezy as a “try before you buy” service?

You may be able to add to or modify your offer so that these customers don’t have to leave? Long term leasing at competitive rates, or discounts for subscribers purchasing from main dealers. (DSG for Zoes, or Baylis of Gloucester for the Corsa-e, just random examples :wink:)


Thanks for the suggestion @E7EV, we actually implemented this a little while ago and when you cancel on the “my account” section of the website we ask you for more information so we can keep improving our service!

@Skattrd Quick update - I can confirm we have now implemented a policy in which a return confirmation email will be sent to members after they return the car starting from today :slightly_smiling_face:


Great stuff, great to see you guys are listening :slight_smile:


Thanks @Lily_at_Evezy

Now, can I be cheeky and ask you to find out what position I am on the Ioniq wait list please. George and Kymberly were both going to get back to me about this, but I’m still waiting…

Of course, you are currently number 20 in the Ioniq waiting list!