Return car unused time

I have been with onto for three years and have decided to return my car as the price rises and mileages reduction from August have priced me out now.

I signed a new agreement which was due to start today. I cancelled yesterday, so the new agreement hadn’t started at that time.

The car is being collected 3 Nov. Today they took a charge of 99.50 to collect the car (fine).

I am now being told that they don’t normally refund part month hires and that this is in their terms and conditions.

Surely, as I cancelled yesterday (before the hire agreement actually started today), it’s perfectly reasonable to expect my partial refund of £352.44

I banked on getting this money back and that the collection fee of £99.50 would come off this partial refund. I am now into an unauthorised overdraft because of this :sob:


As far as I understand it, you need to give them thirty days notice. You signed a new agreement. You’ve said you want to cancel immediately. As per their T&Cs they won’t refund you. This seems correct.

I said this in a different thread, but if I paid o2 for my monthly contract and then cancelled I’d not expect my money back either I’m afraid.

You need to be smart around when you cancel. Give as much notice as possible to cancel to make sure the car can be picked up on the desired day, and ideally you want it to be picked up at the very end of your monthly subscription.

You’ve signed a new agreement which covers you for another month, so you’ve agreed to be charged for another month. The terms and conditions do say that they don’t do pro-rata refunds for unused time.

Unfortunately it sounds like everything has gone as expected and that you won’t be due any refunds.