Reset charging history

Watch the first 3min from this video where he talks about resetting the charging history, can this be done in other EV’s ?? Makes sense what he was saying about the range


(Only watched those first couple of minutes)

Is this something specific to the Mach-e? Whatever the GOM might indicate, regardless if car, it will only physically go so far on a certain amount of charge.

I.e. you cannot “create” extra forward motion out of tweaking the software which measures the range :man_shrugging:

Answers in a postcard please!

You can do this on a Zoe by holding down the OK (I think) button for a few seconds. It doesn’t clear the charging history per se, just resets the mpkWh data which in turn adjusts the range you (apparently) have available.

After a short time driving the mpkWh data keeps adjusting as you drive and the range also adjusts with it.

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You can reset the history in a number of cars. The Zoe is always the one that comes up regularly but lots of them support this to varying extents.

Pretty much all non-Tesla EVs will charge up to display a range estimate that varies based on your recent driving history, battery health and balance state, driving mode, HVAC Usage, speed and temperature.

You can reset the history so it will display a best case scenario number and will start to learn all over again. But there is rarely any good reason to do this as it will ultimately end up right around the same place again in a couple of days time. Your actual, real world driving range isn’t going to improve.

A lot of more recent EVs that have LFP Batteries though, do struggle to keep track of the remaining charge level unless they regularly get a full balancing cycle and fairly consistent usage. Their voltages between about 20 and 80% are pretty flat and will quickly fall out of calibration at times. This means that your car might say you only have 50 miles left, but as you get close to zero it might suddenly realise that actually it has close to double that remaining, but you wouldn’t know until running it right down which most people don’t want to risk. Hence the awful range estimates at times.