Request for larger SUV


I think it would be great if there were some additions larger SUV options. The P-e2008 is great but need bigger if possible.

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The audi etron is the biggest ev suv on the market

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I was waiting for the ID4 but the price is ridiculous.

Should be the same as the Kona Ultimate and the ID3 should be slightly less.

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Totally agree with you on that. The Q4 is ridiculously priced as well. That should be 600 to 700 imo. I’d like ONTO to get the skoda Enyaq. I know it’s the same as the ID4 but would be good to have a different SUV and hopefully a bit cheaper


I think when all the residual values are settled down we may see some reduction.

COVID shortages of cars has distorted the market prices.

More new EV cars are coming out all the time. :+1:

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As per @Slimtrader10 the e-tron is the largest EV available at present, longer and with the biggest boot space.
The Skoda Enyaq is a different beast to the ID.4, even though it uses the same platform.
It’s much bigger, larger boot and almost an estate design.
By the time you add options onto the spec you want it’s more expensive than the ID.4 and lots of forum discussions on speakev and many have gone with the ID.4 as they got better deals than the Enyaq.
Can’t see the Enyaq being cheaper than the ID.4 with ONTO, even though historically ŠKODA is like for like cheaper than VW.


You are right actually like for like skoda is pricey so could still be around the same as the id4. No other SUV springs to mind. There are likes of Mercedes EQA but that will be expensive. Maybe insurance might be less of the Skoda which might make it cheaper?

the fact they have the ID4 i doubt they see the need to add another larger size SUV to the fleet as the uptake is far more popular for the smaller cars

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I might be only one, but I dont understand the obsession with Large SUV’s , I would rather OntO look at smaller more efficient EV’s than massive cars…


Everyone has different needs like big families or even wheel chair space etc.

I need a big boot for storage and suitcases :luggage: :oncoming_automobile:

Small EVs are great for town and city use.


what i would really like is the ability to get a tow bar option

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I meant hatchbacks and saloons and cars you can actually get in a InstaVolt parking space :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol :joy: I get the InstaVolt thing.

I have seen a few of the bigger cars not able to charge due to their width and charge port location when I’m charging. Sometimes down to their inability to reverse.

If I’m there first it stops them blocking me and others by taking two spaces.

Really, EV spaces should be made the same as a disabled space.

Disabled drivers are been discriminated against by not letting them use the bays with adequate access. Could be one for the companies to be careful of……

It doesn’t affect me but I’m sure we could have a few members on here it could?

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Ditto, and it’s surprisingly poor when some are tucked out of the way on garage forecourts too.
Definitely need to be more drive through designs, like ICE pumps.


Mercedes EQA is listed as coming soon on ElmoDrive for £749 per month.

The EQA is a bit of a classic case of a traditional internal combustion car turned into an EV.

The VW ID.4 is in every dimension larger than the EQA, indeed the ID.3 will be larger inside (inc boot with back seats up) than the EQA.

I’m sure the EQA is a nice car, but I wouldn’t say it falls into large SUV territory by any means.

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Its not a larger SUV though… in fact…
Based on the combustion-engined GLA model, the all-electric EQA is similarly styled to Mercedes’ smallest SUV


Hi all - we do keep an eye on all available EV’s in the market and soon to come, however, large is different for different people - as a few members have noted, the Audi e-tron 55 is currently the largest SUV style EV in the UK market - and we already stock it.

We’re always negotiating deals with manufacturers and where we believe it to be feasible and worth our investment - we would snap at any opportunity to acquire more vehicles.

That being said, we’ve already got vehicles larger than the EQA in every sense, which is in fact the smallest EV MB make at the moment - and will probably remain so, being the A class of the family still.


Yeah, for so long Skoda has been been the bargain brand in the VW group offering. My last ICE car before Onto was an Octavia estate which I think was a case in point - well equipped even at base trim level and super practical.

It’s a bit of a shame that this doesn’t seem to apply in the case of the Enyaq. It looks to be potentially better than the ID.4 in a number of ways but price is no longer one of them.

For me the SUV issue comes mainly from the EVs that auto makers are producing at the moment - they are almost all either superminis or SUVs. If a supermini is too small for your needs you more or less have to go for an SUV.

That said I’d love to try the MG5 EV which for now is more or less the only non-SUV family EV. Of course there’s the Porsche Taycan Cross Tourismo, but that’s firmly in fantasy land unfortunately!


I agree. We have the e2008 and really love the car actually, but it’s just not very big. Boot space is okay but not great, back seats have very little legroom if the front seats are fully back, and fitting 3 adults in the back is squashed. Love the car but would like it to be roomier. The ID4 looks better but is significantly more expensive per month!