Repositioning glass in wing mirror

Megane owners. Before I log it as a fault. Anyone else had an issue where the wing mirror glass repositions its self every time they fold in. I’m having to reposition it everytime I get in. Not sure if it’s something I’m doing ?

Sounds like a fault of some sort.
Shouldn’t be doing that for sure and can’t think of why, not caused by you though.

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@tomford Hey!

Although I haven’t driven a Megane, this does seem odd that it would completely reset the position of the actual glass every time it folds in.

I would advise ringing driver line to get this booked in for a check just to be on the safe side and if there is an issue, the garage can get this fixed for you.



HI @Dan_at_Onto i couldn’t see anything in the settings, so booked an appointment, just wanted to check first in case I’ve completely missed something and go into garage for a setting haha. It seems to do it when i go into reverse but there is no settings to stop it moving when you reverse.

When you reverse some cars do lower the mirror so you can see the curb, sure it’s not doing this and it should return to normal in forward gear

It moves to the very far left not down and then never goes back, but also resets everytime you turn vehicle off and the mirrors fold in then re open.

Don’t know if anything in here might help you see the special feature bit

Tried all those options, its probably something really easy haha will see what the garage says.

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Hey @tomford ,

I have a Megane and can confirm that I don’t have this issue!

I do, however, have it so that if the mirror is highlighted by selecting the button and put into reverse it will dip to my preferred setting location. You can undo this by unselecting the mirror movement.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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@BenR_at_Onto Thanks Ben i will give this a go and see if it stops it repositioning, to save me moving each time i get in, and see if the garage can fix the way it moves also. :slight_smile:

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@tomford The only other issue I have personally had is when my car was being washed they pushed the mirror in manually which then wouldn’t go back into place.

To reset this, I used the toggle to fold the mirror in/out a few times and then locked it for 60 seconds before re-opening and trying again!

Best of luck, hopefully it’ll be sorted by the above !


Did you fix this? Mine has started doing the same

Booked in on the 25th

Ohh, I’ll get mine booked in aswel. As great as I think the car is, it does have some software issues. Headlights, reversing camera and now the wing mirror.


Yeah not had any other issues yet touches wood but the glass one is really annoying. Il let you know what they say once it’s been in.


Mine has actually fixed itself. Like most stuff in the Mégane it seems to fix itself at some point :joy:

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Oh that’s good. Mines still broke lol taking it in next Thursday

Did you do a master reset? Or was it just because you powered off and turned on again much later?

I had been away for a few days and didn’t use it. When I came to use it the issue had fixed itself.

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Aha a long reset, well off period. Maybe that’s another way to fix some of these software gremlins that EV’s seem to have. :thinking: