Reporting issues to customers

In the interest of transparency, and following the issues in the topic about mileage calculation (link below), it would be good to have a technical solution for informing customers about issues.

The issue is that when there’s a business or technical issue that affects some or all customers, it’s right to make customers aware of that. From a technical standpoint I can offer three suggestions, but there may be others:

  1. Email. You can email everybody at once, and I guess you could include emails to new customers that sign up until the issue is resolved, so that they’re also aware. But emails can’t be updated or recalled, so they kind of suck.

  2. Push notifications. All customers require the Evezy app, so this is a guaranteed resource for reaching customers. A push notification could open a more explanatory notice inside the app which includes the details for people to read.

  3. In-app banner. Given that all customers also open and look in their app (at the moment, until maybe you activate keyless entry) then they would notice a big red banner at the top of the app, or a splash screen grabbing their attention like banking apps do when they want to push a notice to customers. The page has to be seen and dismissed before moving to the main app screen.

But with suggestions 2 and 3 above, it’s important that customers can recall the messages, so if they dismiss or don’t read them, they can refer back to them.


The comparison to Banking apps is a good one. My banking app manages to inform me of planned maintenance and unforeseen outages with in-app messages. Evezy is in a unique position to push their important messages to all of their active customers in a fast and secure way. I am testing the Evezy app on iOS and have not seen an update since Nov 2019…it expires in 4 days. I can only assume they do not have the resources at the moment.