Replacement Vehicle after crash

Hi @Adam_at_Onto i was on last week with a problem with my car after an accident (RAC in tail end) and @Amy_at_Onto quickly sorted out my replacement vehicle which arrived yesterday - on first glance all appeared the same however it’s now clear that this isn’t as high a spec vehicle as I had previously.

I have emailed the complaints address but haven’t heard anything back yet. I would have thought that the replacement should be like for like as that’s what I’m paying for?

Any help appreciated! :blush:

What car is it? Maybe they have made a mistake, but maybe there’s another explanation.

Due to chip shortages and such, there’s a few models where the specification varies depending upon what production batch it was, despite being the same trim levels.

We’ve seen some base model Renault Zoe’s being delivered with leather seats, and some top spec ones being delivered with things like the wireless phone charging pad removed for example. Similar story with Peugeot that I’ve seen, so I have no doubt that other cars are similar.

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If I remember correctly it was a Peugeot so presumably a e208 model.

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Maybe they had a GT and have been sent an Allure?


Yes!! E208 - it’s all the infotainment bit… I’ve got the small screen , it was the larger and stuff like being able to set up the heating to come on etc… they’ve said both are allure premium but I don’t think they are!

Hi @missbooth Sorry only just saw this thread. Let me check with the team and see if this was a like for like replacement.

@missbooth Hi there! Its nice to virtually meet you :slight_smile: I have taken a look into your previous and replacement vehicle. I can confirm they are both the Allure Premium. What ill do, im going to do a little more digging into the vehicles and their specs and see what I can find. I will reach out to you shortly. Have a fantastic Friday.

Thank you sorted. It appears that the move from a 72 plate to a 22 is the cause of the differences between what is showing as an Allure Premium.