Renault zoe

Got delivered the Zoe gt last week and to be honest the car it’s very nice and good range for the price .
But the next day rearview camera got blue sensors not working and maps get frozen.
Is this happening to all Zoe or just the gt version?
Doesn’t seem to be much difference between the gt version and the other one

All that you can do if the problem persists is to report it to Driverline and get it booked into your local (hopefully) Renault dealership.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could try a system reset and check the condition of the 12v battery.

Thanks for the help

Hi thanks for your help

Try doing a media reset. With the car turned on, wait for the centre display to finish booting and then press and hold the off button ‘forever’ (think it’s 30sec or longer) and eventually the display will go blank.
Let go of the button and wait another long time.
It will eventually reboot.
If that doesn’t fix the issue then it’s a probably a dealership visit.

Thanks will have a go at it and see if works

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