Renault Zoe ZE50 GT - Flat 12V Battery

Car died a few days ago.

Couldn’t get it unlocked.

Changed the battery in the key card and didn’t make a difference.

RAC attended and diagnosed the problem. Flat battery due to lights left on. I accidentally switched it from my default Auto when I left the car.

Lessons learnt:

  • Don’t assume the car auto locking itself when you walk away switches off everything in the car.

  • Don’t manually unlock the driver’s door then open any passenger doors. You won’t be able to electrically (without power) or physically lock them (internally or externally).

  • You can jump start the battery as with an ICE car.

  • When car was restarted, the Tyre Pressure Monitor refused to learn or display the data after driving for 30 mins. Function returned after 24 hours.
    These were the displays:


Commiserations - I find I get terribly stressed at small tech failures these days…

But thank you for sharing. Awareness of these things means, I’m sure others feel the same, preparedness levels.

When I researched (I’m a bit nerdy about these things :nerd_face:) for both Hyundais I’ve had through The Big O, I noted the possibility (only a relatively small minority) of issues with 12v battery. I carry around a booster battery (one I used over the years for an old 5l ICE). It was like having an umbrella, in that I never needed it. But I would recommend the easily stressed to have one around (and not too deeply buried in the boot!)

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