Renault Zoe - Wheel Spins!

Hey all…
I have the Zoe GT line and I think it a bag of poop… but my new annoyance i have found is in the rain the grip is terrible…
So if your going from standstill the wheels spin as there is no weight in the car. I am not a speed demon doing doughnuts in Tescos carpark but I had pulled over to allow an oncoming car come through the road, when I then put my foot down to go i was spinning.
Just another joyous experience of the Zoe…
BRING BACK MY BMW i3- pleeeeease


Agreed the new Zoe is awful, I’ve had 2 now and hate both of them and yes the wheel spinning is annoying as hell, but the kids love it, lol. They spin even with absolutely minimal acceleration.

Try eco mode and see if that helps :wink:

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As above, either try eco mode, or try to get used to pushing the accelerator down just a tiny amount to get moving. Disabling the auto hold system will help as it seems to take a little more power to get you moving and releasing the handbrake isn’t so smooth.

The interesting thing is that while I had my ZE50 I never once made the wheels spin, even during some terrible weather. But you’re asking for your i3 back, and for me they regularly spin their wheels for a moment before traction control kicks in when the weather gets bad.

One other thing worth checking is that your tire pressures are correct. If they happen to be high this will definitely make your wheel spinning problem worse. They SHOULD be right as they only recently came from Renault, but you never know.


I’ve found the Zoe50 has much less wheelspin than the Zoe40, I’ve put it down to the better tyres.

Other way round for me never had any spin in the ZE40

Out of interest what tyres, make/model/size are fitted as standard to the Zoe40 and Zoe50?

ZE50 Michelin Primacy 4 195/55 R16
ZE22 Michelin energy saver 195 55 R16

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Energy saver tyres. Umm, well most reviews would say something like… Trouble is, it’s not easy to produce a tyre that’s efficient and good in the wet. So they are not very good. Primacy 4 would be a better choice or probably some all season tyres.

I’m really not convinced by the ZE50’s grip in wet conditions. I did 60 miles in the peak of storm Alex last Friday morning and it was more than a little hairy. But slowing down, especially when cornering, and accelerating more gently obviously helps.

It was interesting to see that the car used about 30% more energy than normal over the journey because of the rain.

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I wasn’t very impressed with the Zoe traction control it was more like a wheel spin detector and my ears happen to do that fine and just as quickly. I don’t think it is just the tyres as the my commute includes a steepish exit from a minor road and in the dry the Zoe would just spin it’s wheels where the M3 or I3 could hardly be provoked into breaking traction.

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