Renault Zoe idle battery loss

Morning all,

Has anyone with the ZE50 had issues before with significant battery loss while the car is off and locked? I got back last night with 15% last night and have woken up to find the car on 1%. Has anyone else experienced this problem before? Is there anything that I’m missing? I’ve driven an I3 and ID3 before and I’ve never seen this, even after several weeks of leaving the car idle.

The cold weather can cause a drop, although that is quite big. Was it actually 1% or did that increase when you drove away or started charging? Vehicle may have been misreporting, being optimistic saying 15% with a warm battery and pessimistic warning only 1% when the battery was cold the next day.

Top tip: If you can’t charge at home and rely on rapid chargers, at this time of year always best to charge in the evening rather than wait until morning when the battery will be stone cold. Not always possible, but you will get much faster charging when the pack is warm.


I didn’t risk driving off with it, but after charging for about 1.5 hours I’m up to 9% (7kw). It wouldn’t surprise me if the temperature drop affected the battery but I’ve not seen the battery fall anything like that in other EVs.

One of the reasons I recently posted this thread…

Always be charging ABC mode is a good mantra this time of year and as @E7EV says later in the day or evening is best, not first thing in the morning.
Probably best to keep it above 30% soc at this time of year and the low temperatures.