Renault Zoe GTline 135

Anyone got the above car? I’m 6ft 3 and wondered if anyone tall has one. Any issues? Would you recommend? Good equipment ect?

I’m not quite as tall as you but still feel like there is a decent amount of space. You should be okay, and of course can always swap to another car for just £49.50 if you decide it isn’t for you.

The GT Line is the top of the Zoes so there is a reasonably good amount of features, but it will still feel a little basic in comparison to some other cars, for example there is no adaptive cruise control, and the Zoe is rather slow when it comes to rapid charging.

Still, Zoe is definitely a good EV to start off in. It gives you a chance to see if you feel you are missing out on anything, and then can decide if you want to spend more to get something else if you feel it is necessary.

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I’m almost your height. While I didn’t feel overly cramped in the Zoe, I personally found the seating position to be very high. But I accept that’s just a matter of personal preference.

I’d agree with @Koda, the Zoe was a good introduction to EVs for me. The range is good. After a while it felt a bit basic and a bit buggy, particularly with charging, so I swapped for something different.

Agree with all so far my 1st 6 months of EV life has been spent with the Zoe. After a “creaky, leaking” start in an Iconic (both sorted by Renault), swapped up to a GT Line, which I now intend to stick with as its at the top of my budget. I will never go back to an ICE. At my age no modern car seems “basic” as I come from the era where even wing mirrors were optional extras so I live an EV life wearing rose tinted glasses.:rofl::woman_bald: forgot I am 5ft 8inch and shrinking yearly.