Renault Zoe full of faults - Onto ignored me

I rang onto last week to report that my Renault Zoe (71 plate, 5300 miles on the clock) has begun to develop a string of faults and that I wanted to swap cars.

Their only answer seemed to be that getting it repaired should fall financially onto my shoulders by having it repaired whilst being rented by me, seems a good way to pay Onto’s bills whilst a car is off the road.

I said I wasn’t interested in essentially wasting my time and money doing this and wanted a new car as a normal swap (paying for the swap). She said I had to be put through to management where the phone just rang and rang until I hung up.

Nobody has contacted be back despite this Renault having some serious faults. Good to see in my first month of prices going up significantly at Onto the customer service has dropped.

To anyone reading, avoid the Zoe at all costs. It’s clear from the forum here that it’s a problematic car, but here are my faults:

Cabin fan bearing has gone, rattles at high speed and after a while smells like burning.
E-handbrake comes on at low speed randomly, so pulling away from lights it can emergency stop the vehicle.
Car stalls dead when going from Drive to Reverse occasionally.
Infotainment system keeps resetting itself, deleting any presets and reverting to GMT.
Car gives low battery warnings when it’s at 80%+ charge, constant warnings as I drive past chargers.
Tyre pressure sensors keep going wrong and when they do the entire instrument cluster is just a big warning page.
Left indicator intermittently fails, it starts to strobe on the instrument cluster and outside the car too.
Windscreen washer pump intermittently stops working. You get no liquid until you turn the car off and on again.

All in all, probably the worst car I’ve ever driven for reliability. It’s a shame because I was enjoying the Zoe up until all of these faults started appearing this month.

Time to look at the other end of the spectrum with cars, JLR’s Pivotal has an attractive offer on an i-Pace!

Flsgging @Adam_at_Onto to review.

I’d have said the issues with handbrake, indicators and windscreen washer potentially constitute unroadworthiness and should be addressed immediately.

@EDXB I can’t see how you (the hirer) are financially responsible for faults on the car.

Surely it falls to Onto to pursue warranty repairs with the manufacturer, as the faults clearly lay at Renault’s door to sort out.

@Adam_at_Onto will confirm this I’m certain.

I think they are implying that they are paying for the use of the car whilst it is away being repaired, rather than paying for the cost of the actual repairs. Nobody but Renault should be covering the cost of the repairs. However, a courtesy car should be provided by the garage for the duration so the subscriber shouldn’t be without transport.

That said, there can be a lead time on courtesy cars and some of the faults listed with the car in question require immediate attention.


Unless OP caused the damage due to negligence or malicious intent they shouldn’t be financially responsible for these warranty related issues. I assume they’re trying to say they’re financially responsible as a result of having to pay for the hire of the car while repairs are done. They will be provided with a courtesy car however, and if this is a non-EV reasonable fuel expenses will be covered.

If it takes too long (7 days or more at the dealer I believe) they can then request a replacement car from Onto, where the car will be permanently swapped.

While OP isn’t expected to be financially responsible they are expected to take responsibility for the vehicle and that includes faults or damages that are discovered while on hire.

EDIT - I was slow to type this today and see that similar comments have now already been made above.


Although your reply was, as always, more comprehensive :slight_smile:

All these posts were in the back of my mind when ordering the Zoe but :crossed_fingers: its a small % of Zoes with issues.

I had my 70 plate Zoe retired recently, I’d really enjoyed it. The replacement '71 plate is not working for me either. It doesn’t have all of the points in the original post but the rattling inside the cabin and the amount of road noise is not good. I too contacted onto, was left on hold for over 10 minutes and then someone picked up, you could hear someone had picked up, but they put the phone down immediately. This happened twice, with the hold times being almost identical each time. I agree that customer service is not great at the moment. I don’t think that it’s worth paying the increased cost of hire, given the level of service received when contacting onto.

@EDXB Sorry to hear you are having issues with your Zoe. I’m tagging @Hena_at_Onto to review for you and see what we can do to get this resolved.

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24 hours later and still nothing.

If you do go this route send me a PM to get a discount code.

How have you found Pivotal?

Any hidden bits I should prepare for?

I shall PM you once I go ahead!

Been stonking, brand new HSE every 6 months (bar one due to supply shortages). Had one for 2 years in September when we swap again. Swaps have been excellent, pre and post inspections thorough and no charges to date. Jaguar mobile support responded in an hour when on one car, the powered tailgate wouldn’t power open. Got it sorted at garage a bit later. Someone pranged the rear bumper in a surgery car park just recently (car was parked/stationary) and it got fixed timely and we had another I-pace as a loaner while that happened.

Pivotal have been great throughout the time we have been with them and no reason to suspect that won’t continue. Others who have used pivotal are reporting same great service.

We also have a Zoe from Onto just coming up to a year old and not had any issues with that either other than on delivery the steering wheel was off centre (tracking was out) and the creaky boot (spot welds that need grinding off - known failure and been an issue on Zoe’s for years). Both fixed timely at local dealer with no issues via driverline.


And still nothing from onto.

See what I mean about the customer service has taken a dive?

I’ve got a car that does emergency stops in live traffic and you lot don’t care so long as this piece of junk is being paid for.

What do I need to do, cancel any payments to you and leave it in a public place with the key on the wheel for you to collect it or what?

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@EDXB I’ll check with the team and get someone to reach out to you.