Renault Zoe False Puncture Warning

For the past week I have had a ‘Low Tyre Pressure’ warning on my dash display. I checked the tyre pressure at a garage and topped them up anyway but all 4 tyres are exactly at the rated PSI. Continuing to drive a few more days and the warning persisted but has now turned into a red ‘STOP Puncture’ warning today. Again, all tyres look completely fine and the vehicle drives normal.

I contacted Onto who said they could get someone out to look at it today, I was then connected on to a Renault person who said they don’t know what Onto are talking about and all they can do is recover the vehicle back to garage, which seems a bit extreme.

I have a 300mile journey tomorrow and really feeling apprehensive about this. Any suggestions to remedy this situation?

Could be dodgy Tyre Pressure Sensors. I had an issue with my second Zoe ZE40. Scroll around until you get to “tyre pressure” and then hold in button A or B until it says something like “learning new tyre pressures”. That should reset it. Sorry it’s a bit vague as I no longer have the 40 to double check.

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Thanks, will try this and let you know.

Update: It didn’t work.

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If it wont reset, then its likely to be a faulty sensor (TPS) in one of the tyres. Diagnostics should indicate which one.

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Thanks. Think you’re right. The warning is ‘Check Tyre Pressure’ closely followed by ‘Puncture’ 30 seconds later each time I start driving.

Onto have asked me to check the tyre pressure once more before it has to go to a garage. Can’t be without a car until the weekend though, so gonna have this angry red warning in the meantime.


Black sticky tape :wink:… ideal to cover it up as temporary measure as they are very annoying :smiley:

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So…it was a puncture!

Tyres looked completely fine all day. I called Onto again for more advice in the afternoon and they said just check the tyre pressure again and leave it.

Car felt weird last mile so pulled in to services and sure enough the rear tyre is flat.

Breakdown is on the way. Anyone know what my options with Onto will be in the morning?

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You need to inform ONTO if you haven’t already. You are responsible for the cost of repairs. You have to use an ONTO approved repairer. They will come out and repair the tyre or replace it. You will then be invoiced the cost. If you have excess insurance, you should be able to reclaim this.

Thanks. Onto are aware and organising the recovery. I’m assuming this breakdown recovery is included in my subscription?

When I had a puncture, a man in a van was sent to repair my tyre on the roadside. I was then able to drive home myself. I was then invoiced the call out and tyre repair fees.

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Well that would be ideal. Sounds expensive though. Mind DM’ing me what you were charged?

Tyre repair booked with Onto for Thursday. Slightly concerned I can’t find anything resembling a ‘locking wheel nut’ in the Zoe boot?

In my case it was in the little Renault document pouch which also contains the user manual. I think the official place for this pouch is in the passenger door pocket, but it could also be on the little holder on the back of the passenger seat

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Ah, cool. Will have a look later.

Update: Found it, exactly where you said.


My ZE50 is now saying ‘check tyre pressure monitors’. Is there a solution to this, i don’t think there is anything accessible in the ZE50 menus.

Probably a good idea to physically check each of the tyre pressures and ensure they are correct.

Did that, all spot on.

Is the car supposed to display the tyre pressures ? Mine only ever showed four dashes in the little car pictogram.

I had a look through the manual and found that there is a reset on the drivers display although not on the centre console. I did a ‘learn tyre presures’ and will see if it goes away but it still doesn’t display tyre pressures in the pictogram just a pair of dashes on each wheel.

The ZE50 I had displayed the pressures on screen, yes. It sounds like we have yet another faulty Zoe here!

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Just had a look on mine. You need to drive around the block to get the tyre pressure figures to show. I initially had 3 out of 4, but eventually the errant sensor decided to report!

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