Renault Zoe 40 Impossible to Charge

Went to make use of the new Shell card on ESB charging this morning only to find the Renault Zoe 40 was “Impossible to charge”. Thinking it might be a faulty charging station I went to my usual Polar facility to find my car was still “impossible to charge”. A call to the support help line was not very productive as it appears the staff cannot be bothered to answer the phone (I know it is Boxing Day but 24/7 is 24/7).

As such, I wonder if anyone on here has experienced this issue and can offer tips until the ONTO staff decide to answer the phone.


I remember when this first happened to me! :open_mouth:

The ESB charger upset Zoe, and she was still sulking when you got to the Polar one. Leave her on her own locked for at least 5 minutes and she normally comes around.

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Ideally a little longer if possible. Generally any BCI (Battery charging impossible) Errors take 10 minutes or so locked up to clear in my experience.

Don’t let this put you off using ESB’s chargers. They do often work well, including on your car. Just Zoe is exceptionally picky unlike every other model of EV when it comes to things like the earth connection. Especially if it’s been a few days without rainfall, certain chargers depending on how they were installed will fall outside of Zoe’s tolerances and give this error.

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Presumably @Srh2020 the BCI resolved itself?

Thank you everyone. I shut everything down for 30 minutes and managed to charge the EV on a 7KW charger. Hopefully, all is now resolved.

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For this time, but don’t be surprised if it happens again. Usually no need to panic. You can drive with the error showing. Just need to leave it locked for 10 minutes before trying another charger. You could try that charger again to see if it was a one off issue, or a charger to put on your “Zoe doesn’t like” list.

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