Renault Software Update Notification

Email received direct from Renault. :older_man:


Does anybody know the latest software version?

My ‘21 plate ZE50 has version 283C39022R and tells me there are no OTA updates available.

Also, I’m sure my previous Zoe told me the date of the last update but this Zoe never has :man_shrugging:

My current. 283C39022R

Email stated “This next update will be rolled out automatically over the next few days to some of the cars in your fleet.”

I presume I received the email because of registration of the Renault App and registered online.

So it should auto come down when its ready. However, I do still give it a nudge now and then via the Check for Updates option. If/when it appears I will post further. :older_man:

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You’ll be getting 283C35202R like me, I was on 283C39022R but I got the update at the start of Sept.

Its 283C35202R

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For anyone wondering about the process, it will download like this:

Then it will ask you if you wish to install it, followed by this screen (it took 30 mins not 5 mins)

I have seen zero change in any functionality or performance of the touch screen/media system, the only thing that happens is it forgets all your sat nav data and removes your mobile phone so you have to pair it again.


If the car has never had an update it will not show a date but after its first update it will show the last update date if that makes sense, so if yours doesn’t have a date then that is the version it came out of the factory with and has never updated.


Happened to be out and about today and when stopped clicked the check for software updates and it’s downloading the latest update. Back home now and it’s still downloading so will take a look later and see what the status is.

Went out for a drive as got round to checking the tyre pressures and discovered as I expected that they were wrong. Rears too high and all reading different values. PDI just seems to be a check box effort these days.
The tailgate is creaking too and it’s the plastic trim rubbing against the metal, so needs a rubber or PVC or other material U channel applying around the whole plastic assembly. Guide on this here… Fixing the Renault ZOE ZE50 Creeky / Clicky Boot - YouTube


So it didn’t appear to have done anything. Been in car today doing the shopping run and tested the AC faster charging at Tesco on 22kW podpoint. 12.7kWh added in 45mins. So checked if software still downloading, but it now says no updates available and still on same older version. Great :relieved: software product. I didn’t see anything that says you need to be in car and it turned on/off etc. to download, install etc.
In the I-pace it downloads a major update and needs to be unplugged and the car locked to install, which takes a variable amount of time. Other minor updates can done whilst driving.

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Thanks for update. I often get notified of “Update Complete” when I first start up in the mornings but no new update has occured. It seems to be a flag that does not get reset. Its not a problem for me.

Yours is stranger and I have not experienced that.

I am still getting “Software upto date” when I force a check.

It will happen one day. :older_man:

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Update occurred this morning after I initiated a check for updates. All seemed quite rapid and was completed quite quickly, under an hour and maybe much shorter. Had to reconnect phone bluetooth, map data favourites etc lost as expected but can’t see any cosmetic changes. All good.:older_man:


Did you stay in the car with it turned on all the time, or other

It downloaded and installed as I drove to a local park for a walk and hitched up to a brand new Pod Point (7kW for 90 mins free vend) returned and all done. :older_man:

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That’s what I expected it to do, just mine got lost in the download/install bit.
Still thinks it’s upto date today. Will ignore it and expect it’ll do it when I am not looking :relieved:

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Finally started downloading the update for mine today! Hoorah :smiley:


Well not quite. I told it to check the other day and Low and behold it finally did and installed all ok :ok_hand:

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