Renault servicing experience for ZE50 easy link issues

Finally took my ZE50 into the local Renault garage this morning for long awaited servicing of the faulty easy link infotainment system.

Delighted to see they had been sent an actual physical key card by whoever normally holds it!

Equally delighted to get Zoe’s twin sister as a courtesy car. Actually it is the GT Line whereas I have the Iconic so it’s nice to compare and contrast.

Less delighted to hear that my Zoe refused to take her software updates so is awaiting help from Renault technical support and that they want Zoe’s sister back first thing tomorrow :frowning:


Lucky… I have had an ICE courtesy car for what will be 7 weeks on Saturday while Renault have been mucking about…

But it has at least meant I can build up some Millage credit for when I can go visit family and friends a bit further away in that there England… I only got my Zoe on the 12 August and it has been with Renault since the 22nd :speak_no_evil:


So when I got into the car this morning the dashboard display had changed to a new layout…

Does this imply that Renault pushed me an OTA update overnight?

More likely a software glitch changed the display style. There’s a few you can pick in the settings.

I’m pretty sure the updates in the ZE50 have to be acknowledged and you have to opt to install them. I don’t think they will just happen without you knowing overnight.

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Just checked mine and can report no change :wink:

I just wondered if Renault had managed to fix my fault remotely… wishful thinking :sleepy: