Renault...Or Driverline farce!

Got a 70 plate Zoe, i really like it, range is great etc.

However it recently decided to not charge on AC, originally after looking online etc i believed it was my charge point at home, so just rapid charged for a bit.

I then on a day off went out and tried 6 different AC chargers around Dundee, it still wouldn’t take AC charge from any of them just flashing red error, and AC charging impossible, both with the cable supplied with the car, and the tethered cable on some units. The DC charging on those units works fine.

It also wont charge with the granny charger supplied, just shows same issue.

Contacted driverline and booked an appointment, told them if it was going to be last week i could drop off and pick up no problem as i was on holiday, however if it was going to be after that i’d need a courtesy car.

Gets email confirmation last week, appointment 3rd March, driver drop off no courtesy car! Fine i took a day off just to get the thing looked at.

Turned up at the dealer today 08:30…no booking, it had been cancelled as they dont work on electric vehicles!

I honestly despair at how hard the simple stuff seems to be with CS at ON.TO!

Zoes are great…when they work! As soon as they have issues, they become a real pain. It seems to be a lottery as to whether you get a good one or not.

Obviously get back to Driverline and get them to book it in again with another dealer. You need a courtesy vehicle because solving a charging issue can take a while. I always make personal contact with a dealer beforehand just to check everything is alright. Not having a key is still an issue with some dealers, and as you found out not all are equipped to work on EVs.

If the local dealer is owned by Renault UK, they will often send an EV to another dealer in the group that is set up to work on electric vehicles if they aren’t. They should do this at their own expense. This may not be the case with independent dealers. Really, if a dealership sells electric vehicles, they should be equipped to service and repair them. Otherwise they should be responsible for sending it to another dealer once you’ve dropped it off to them.

Keep track of the extra mileage all this is incurring, and then ask ONTO to credit this back to your account.


Just hope they don’t send it to Renault Aberdeen, those guys are beyond useless!!! My Zoe has been with them for nearly three weeks now and they haven’t even looked at it!

To be fair, Onto have been great, they have provided me with a courtesy car and will reimburse me for any petrol that I use. Not only that but they have been in regular contact to keep me updated and the staff are always nice, polite and understanding but the situation at the garage just seems to be a farce.

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Another reason to have an annual car hire excess insurance policy that covers courtesy vehicles as well. The dealer vehicle will have an excess of at least £500 and if it’s from a rental company then it could be £1k or more. Not too bad if you’ve only got it for a day or two, but the longer you have it the more chance it will get damaged, usually due to a careless third party.


Let’s imagine @Markjm58 arrived home one day with 5 miles of range remaining. No problem because they have a dedicated home charging post and a granny lead as a backup. Zoe refuses to charge on either. This alone strongly points to the vehicle as being the issue. The nearest public charging point is 10 miles away. So they call Driverline and say the vehicle won’t charge. They have not purposely or accidentally run out of electric, so are not at fault.

So a recovery vehicle is sent to pick up the vehicle and take it away for repair. A replacement ONTO Zoe or a ICE courtesy vehicle is delivered to their home.

Now by being accommodating and even helpful by trying out other AC posts and DC rapids, @Markjm58 is in a worse situation. They have to deliver Zoe to a dealer and hopefully pick up a courtesy vehicle. The dealer can’t repair it so it’s a wasted journey and another, maybe longer trip is needed.

Now I’ve got no issues with taking my ONTO vehicle to a local dealer (my Renault one is 12miles/30 minutes away) and waiting an hour or so for it’s annual service. Or maybe another non urgent repair, such as creaking from the boot. In fact I have done, on two occasions. Should I though be expected to put myself out for a vehicle that develops a critical or catastrophic fault. An electric vehicle that won’t charge falls into the latter category, I would argue. Surely in that type of case, there should be the option of getting your vehicle swapped for another, and let ONTO and Renault resolve the issue. Isn’t that one of the reasons why we have chosen vehicle subscription over ownership?


Supposed to be Renault Zoe dealer in Brighton (Hendy) but they wouldn’t test replacement home charging lead (3-pin) before I left. Yes it’s new but just plug the plug into a regular socket to see if it lights up ! :roll_eyes:They have electric car massive window advertisements and new electric cars to sit in but seem allergic to servicing electric vehicles in my experience (two visits).

Oh and their charging point that shows up on Zap-Map has not worked for 4 years. Telling sign…

Reportedly, according to Hendy Renault, today’s courtesy car fail was due to a missing date & courtesy car request on the servicing booking (which incidentally I got confirmation from onto over a month ago)…miscommunications galore, no double-checking, no courtesy car, I waste a morning (with an early start) driving 21 miles there & 21 miles back with nothing physically progressed at all except I’ve frittered away more mileage requiring more time recharging…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:!!! #whenwillthisend?#ontohavepromisedreplacementcar #howcanitrustontoagainthough?

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FYI didn’t get replacement car. But was offered £50 off subsequent three months’ subscriptions, which I accepted. Only received two months of it. Resolved TPMS fault within two months by spending a week at a Renault dealer. Had ICE courtesy car. Was sent a physical car key eventually, which makes handing over to a dealer much easier in future!

Now after de-fleeting operation, have been smacked with Damages Notification and Invoice for £360 for what are in my opinion tyre scratches and fair wear and tear. Do we really have to take photos of every tiny scratch and report it via the app?

It’s part of the conditions to report all damage (as opposed to wear and tear). They usually review the photos within a couple of days and then if it’s minor say it’ll be repaired when the vehicle goes back.

You can of course challenge the charges. When I had a ZE40, it seemed to be a standard £120 to repair the diamond cut alloys. So if you have three of them damaged, that could be where the £360 comes from.


2 tyre scratches and “dent” on “bumper” = £360.

As the car is white, I couldn’t quite pick that out. The difference between damage and wear and tear is a moot point.

Have a look at the wear and tear policy and see if these three issues are covered or not.


Thank you. I’ve looked and I need clarification. What is the best way to get clarity? How do I best challenge the charges because they haven’t rung me and Ben Ryan’s email reply to me today is inadequate?

Contact either via chat, phone or email [email protected]

You can also use the [email protected] email address as well.

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Ah… the Zoe AC charging fail… sounds familiar…

Thanks. But you just listed all the ways to contact onto, not the Best. I’m obviously asking because I’d had no joy with my previous attempts. I’d rung them and Driverline said they would call me back during office hours the next day.

Anyways, someone eventually rang me as promised but with a time limit in their head about resolving my issue (should keep that in their head maybe) and kind of lacking any sympathy with my case when it’s obviously a grey area and as someone said “a moot point”.

Spoke to someone else much more reasonable today and we managed to come to a mutually agreeable solution.

Customer service still needing improvement I feel overall.