Renault Offering Megane on Subscription

I wonder if this means that ONTO won’t be getting any Meganes as Renault are offering them on a subscription basis themselves.

The only difference seems to be that there is a minimum 6 month agreement. Otherwise pretty similar to ONTO, including a 750 mile monthly mileage allowance, £99 delivery fee and add ons (additional drivers and mileage).

Makes me wonder if Renault are subcontracting the running of their subscription service to ONTO.

You heard it here first, folks.


With you on that one.:older_man:


The latest newsletter says there is a new car joining the fleet… :eyes:


Sounds like most Salary Sacrifice Schemes., although you have to take either 24/36 or 48 Months, and set a limit each year rather than monthly…

I registered this morning, to just find out the costs… as leasing costs are getting stupid if taken out now…


Would think it’s a bit early for the Mégane as I don’t think anyone has seen a RHD model in the country yet.


The event teams doing the rounds in the U.K. at present have LHD first edition models. There are 4 teams doing the dealerships events and it takes 9 weeks. The team at Warwick today are heading south and the last one is on the Isle of Wight.

If you are on the priority list then test drives will be done for those customers ahead of dealerships. Dealerships should have test drive demo cars available in August.

Based on the world situation I suspect limited numbers available in the first few months in any country. But we could all be surprised :open_mouth: by Onto/Renault yet.


I did the same the other day.
It’s £100 delivery, doesn’t state what collection is, maybe free, but I doubt it.
And can be 6 to 36 months period, so min 6 months subscription.
750 miles a month
One month security deposit up front, but no idea what the subscription cost is yet.


I was only curious… as my P*2 should be here anytime between October and February…

But could be a nice stop gap :slight_smile:

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So, let’s say we not getting the Megane …
what do you think they going to bring :thinking:

  • A new car is joining our fleet soon…

Keep an eye on your mailbox :eyes:

I posted this not long ago in the September thread…
Plus a couple of updates.

Possible cars available in Summer/Autumn 2022 are…

Citroen Ami
Nissan Ariya
Ora Cat
Kia Niro EV
Renault Megane e-tech

But there again Onto may have some other surprise make/model. (BYD?)

Whatever gets announced it’ll actually be available in September on the new plate.
Needs to be a product that has good quantities for delivery.


EV6 / Ioniq 5 and I’m staying! xD


We can rule that out from Onto simply because it wouldn’t be practical to deliver by their standard methods of driving rather than transporting.

~45 miles range, 28mph top speed, not allowed on motorways, 10A Max charging (2kW) etc.


Agreed, it’s not on the want list for Onto, that’s just a list of cars becoming available.
Could be something that’s already on the market and probably more likely.


I think it’s time for MG or KIA to join us :thinking:


KIA can’t make cars quick enough to keep up with demand, same for all Hyundai Motor Group companies… So unless OntO placed an order last year for them, i dont think we will see them…

MG i would like to see especially the MG4 :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t be surprised if these things didn’t start to shape up two years before we see a car actually on the fleet. (E.g. look at Fisker)

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Anyone got any information on what it’s likely to cost? I’ve registered interest but I expect it’ll be mega money.

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According to evdatabase lease cost will be from £450 pm

The Launch Edition with 1 month upfront and 10k miles for 24 months is £860 per month + £22 per month for Maintenance


That’s bonkers money for a Renault Migraine (you’re welcome @K12Beano )

Car looks lovely but not for me at that value.

Just to add,

The cheapest version same as the Launch Edition on the same basis

£778.83 + £22.76 maintenance…

I have to agree that is over priced, but will be interesting to see what the Salary Sacrifice costs will be but Zenith and Octopus aren’t listing it.