Renault Megane Lights Problem

I had a warning this morning on my Megane -

and one headlight worked and no back lights. Did the obligatory drive it around a bit and turn it off and on and now still have the warning but all lights are working. Anybody else had this? Is this a known quirk??

Or, if this is new to everyone I’m guessing I need to book it in??

Yup. Turn it off and leave it for a bit worked for me.

It’s the kind of problem if you can’t turn up to the dealer with the fault displayed they won’t look at it.


Usual computer gremlins, bit like Windows error messages which don’t tell you anything :roll_eyes:

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Had this today switched car of and it’s gone

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Sounds like it’s a software glitch as all modern cars check the lights and report if any have failed.
They usually state which actually light and this ‘generic’ one just seems like it’s a spasmodic bug.

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Yeh had this problem a few weeks ago. Usual turn it off and back on fixed the issue. Think it’s a software issue. Hopefully next software update will fix it