Renault Megane - 1st Observations


Apologies for the length of this but wanted to highlight some good things as well.

  1. I have had a E-208 for 3 weeks or so, love the car but as I hopefully have only 1 month left till my new car came I thought I would try something different, I have been getting about 160 miles on the GOM on a good day.
  2. So i decided to swap, the process was easy and no drama, chose a car and it was for delivery yesterday.
  3. So arrived on my doorstep a nice Dark Grey, Renault Megane, when the driver picked it up it had 11 miles on the clock and arrived with me with 150 or so miles. The delivery driver was fantastic, it was snowing, raining, windy and he still managed to do all the right things and a painless 15 minutes later and we had the car.
  4. I was going to charge at the local shell garage but couldn’t be bothered so plugged in at home. The car was at 63% and over 14hr43min I put in 22kwh of charge, i use a granny cable. It got to 100% at 5.40am this morning ready for my 87 mile motorway journey. It was showing 155 miles on the battery as full.
  5. The configuration was easy, lots of toys, signed into google etc, changed the light colours for a bit of fun. The seats will take a little bit to get used too I think. The center screen and dashboard are easy to use and a bit like the Audi interface but quicker.
  6. The drive was great, sat at 65 from the M4 until all the way to work, round the M25 and up the A21 etc. All the safety systems worked, the ACC was so much better than my 308 diesel i had, air con kept the car at 21 degrees and the sound system is ok for the car, nice and loud with some bass.
  7. I arrived at work with 113 miles showing on the GOM, 63% and charge time of 3.25 hours to 100%, 7kw at work. The GOM now shows it will have a max of 199 miles range compared to when I started this morning. I am hoping it will use less on the way home as it’s more downhill.

Overall I have loved this 1st outing, there are some things that annoy me but nothing I can’t deal with, seat position and sodding little rear screen and a stupid little windscreen wiper at the back, just means i use mirrors more.

From beginning to end the swap worked, the delivery driver was great and all the paperwork appears correct.

The car is now a bit black with all the grime but hey.

What’s not to like.



Just as a reminder to others reading this, always check your house electrics before using a granny charger. Although only pulling maybe 2 to 3kW, being continuous over extended periods of time can show up otherwise hidden weak points. Try first in the day and regularly check the temperature of the plug and socket. They will probably get warm, but should never get hot.

Never use an extension lead, and if you do, it must be rated for pulling that sort of power over many hours. Most domestic leads won’t be.

Getting the electrics checked by a qualified electrician is a good idea, especially if the house wasn’t built recently.

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Hi, thanks for that and I would agree. I have run granny cables for years on their own circuit and replace the charger every year just in case. It’s not possible to put a 7kw wall charger in because of where the meter is.

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