Renault 5 EV

Can’t imagine Renault need two electric hatchbacks in their lineup, so this could be the Zoe replacement in 2025.


Many have said the same, but I see that Renault have stated the Zoe and Clio will remain, albeit probably in different guises.

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Ewwwww, Renault have actually made a car uglier than the Zoe! :face_vomiting:

You can’t get uglier than the Zoe.

I’m curious. What makes it ugly to you? I Personally find it a little boring because it looks too much like a regular car, and was always more into the likes of the first gen. LEAF for example with it’s unique design that really stands out. Definitely not ugly. Just forgettable.

Very bias opinion coming up haha but… for me it’s the badge on the front and back.

I’ve owned a Clio from brand new that’s a 64 reg and I can’t help but think I made a bit of a mistake after driving loads of other cars that fall in the same space as the petrol Clio GT I own. Granted I’ve joined the EV game now but for me it’s just the bad experiences for me that put me off that diamond.

Sorry to any superfans

Well after 7 years you must of got your money’s worth. Have you de-badged it? :wink:

Haha even better than that. I gave it to my mum to justify signing up to OnTo :slightly_smiling_face:


Have do admit I really didn’t;t like the look of the Zoe either. I’m not really a car person, but I thought it looked squat and dumpy. The 208 I have now looks a lot better to my eyes.

It certainly wouldn’t completely put me off owning or driving one, but it would be a factor.

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Even if you don’t understand French, there are some nice close ups of the interesting design details of this concept. Expected to be launched in a couple of years.

In another video, it was said that the 5 EV would replace both the Twingo Electric and the Zoe. I’ve heard conflicting reports on this, so not sure if it will be the case or not.


Renault Zoe drivetrain… so a sheep in wolfs clothing?! :crazy_face:
Think at that price it will find a lot of sales across Europe.

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Now this looks very interesting…


I’ll take one of those.
Looks a lot of fun and the facts look very promising…

Priced from around £18,500
Company boss Luca de Meo said the use of the new platform and revamped battery tech will enable the firm to sell the 5 for about 33% less than a current Zoe - which costs £27,505 at entry level.

The firm has also confirmed the new 5 will use new powertrain technology and nickel, manganese and cobalt-based (NCM) batteries that, it says, will dramatically reduce the cost per kWh to around £58 by 2030. Renault added that the 5 will have a range of around 400km (248 miles).


Looks so good.

Mrs Beano will probably be upset if I go for yellow. I am preparing strategies to overcome this minor obstacle…. :thinking:… (anyone on here a lawyer? :shushing_face: )


I remember a scene in a film called The Dish. A local politician refers to the colour of his wife’s dress as yellow. She corrects him, describing it as lemon. Maybe you could try the same thing?

Careful though…

“Darling, the new car isn’t yellow, it’s lemon”.


“Darling, the new car isn’t yellow, it’s a lemon”.


If that formula is applied to the ONTO subscription tariff:

Renault Zoe: £499 a month

Renault 5: £ 339 a month


4:00 in, Renault 5 EV at Goodwood FoS with a glimpse of the Fisker Ocean. Anyone identify the other vehicle on the same stand?