Removing Payment Cards / Choosing a Card for next subscription

Hi, does anybody know how you can choose which card is used by onto to take your subscription?

I’ve got three cards listed there, I want to remove one of them and then alternate between the other two month to month (to maximise some loyalty points).

Can I do this myself or will I need to speak to onto each month?

I only have one card on the account but it does say default next to it. Does it not give you the option of choosing the default card or removing one in the card details section of your online account?

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You can’t remove cards. And whichever you added the latest is your default card. Subscribers have very little control in this regard.

They don’t seem to like you changing your cards the way you suggest. I seem to remember just before I signed up seeing a review online from someone who got their account suspended because they were using different payment cards. Obviously there may be more to the story than that, but definitely something to keep in mind and run past Onto customer services to avoid any trouble.


Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but does anyone have any more info on if this would be a problem?

I am not planning on changing cards for the original posters reasons, but I’ve lost my main debit card, I’ve changed the card to another account as my payment is due soon, but will need to change it back once the replacement comes.

Don’t want to anger the gods but also don’t understand why it would.

This is murky waters as usually if you pay for a service using any legal cards you have should be fine. There should be no difference on the service provider part where they get their payment from. For some unknown reason, their system is very basic and restrictive regarding the payment card section of your account. If you choose the ‘Change card details’ in your account, you only see a list of the cards they have on record, marking the latest one as the default and simply no option to remove any from the system for any reason or choose the preferred payment card, just add a payment method.
In your case, I think if you simply add the new card when the replacement arrived, there should be no problem as it will be the new default but if in doubt a quick call to customer service can’t hurt.


Anyone worked out how to remove a card from account yet? I used my dads card and now need to remove it as no longer have permission to use??

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You can’t remove a card. You just add another and that suddenly becomes your default with no way to switch back to the previous, as far as I can see other than maybe adding it again? (If it allows you)

That’s the closest you will get to removing it.


I called and spoke to someone who manually removed some old cards and set the one I wanted as default, but of a faff so won’t be doing it too often.


Can’t believe this is still an issue and has never been sorted. Never seen a system, subscription or otherwise, that does not let you add and remove cards and switch the default payment system makes no sense and just generates unnecessary support calls and emails.