Remove shell card from app

Does anyone know how to remove the old shell
card belonging to my previous onto car from the shell app? I’ve successfully added the new one and made it default. Just can’t work out how to remove the old one.

You can’t remove the old card.




What happens if the next user tries to add it to their app, do we know? Does it get added or does it error out?

I’m pretty sure it will add to another account, I can frequently see the new e-208 user charging as it logs the charges in my history still.


It’s not great from a privacy standpoint tbh. Shell need to give the option in the app to remove a card. I don’t see why it isn’t already there. @Tyson didn’t you mention once that you know someone involved with the Shell app? Could maybe mention it?


Yeah, let me see if I can jangle some chains :slight_smile:

As long as the fix isn’t to stop us from being able to add our cards!!


Yeah, that’s sort of why I haven’t mentioned it before, although to be honest I don’t find having the card added that useful in reality. I tend to just always use the physical card rather than the app, so really the only benefit is if I forgot my card somehow, or if I want to see how much I’ve spent etc.

It’s the only way to use Ubitricity which is now my preferred way to charge at the end of a trip at home

Even though I have to park in a place I don’t have a permit, it’s free parking between 5pm and 9am so I can get a full charge overnight and then move the car back to in front of our house and give the car a nice slow AC charge rather than absolutely always be topping up with a rapid which makes me feel better about things, so for me at least (and anyone using Ubitricity) losing the card from the App would be a big negative.


Ah yes I’m yet to use ubitricity. Maybe best not to rock the boat then

Speaking to the bloke I know here was kindof a dead end- he’s in sales and basically pointed me at their customer service phone number.

As it doesn’t impact functionality I’m inclined to just leave it, at the risk our cards were to get disallowed being added and Ubitricity turned off! :scream:

Consider my ‘in’ nowhere near as useful as I thought it’d be :joy:


I imagine it’s something which will have to get addressed sooner or later; it’s far from ideal. Subscribers who change car regularly will end up with a very messy app, full of cards and other peoples’ charging habits.

If such a user were to select the wrong card accidentally, it could end up adding charges to a card associated with another vehicle or, worse still, an ex-subscriber could theoretically charge a personal vehicle using a card which is now in another subscriber’s possession, potentially causing that subscriber to come under scrutiny.

This is a real issue. My NewMotion fob defaulted to using the Shell card as payment. If I didn’t notice my usage with my own car would have been getting billed to Onto. Now I have to regularly check the app as it seems to default back to the Shell card as the payment method every so often at random.

One day I’m going to end up forgetting to check and then have to get in touch with Onto to reimburse them for my usage. Extra workload for them which it seems they could do without at the moment while dealing with increased demand and ongoing logistics issues.