Registering a Business

Has anyone registered as a business customer with Onto? I’m currently a personal customer, but would rather pay less and be a business customer.

I filled in the form on the website last October and had this response:

We’ve registered your interest! We’re sorry to not be able to welcome new customers at the moment.Rest assured, we’ll notify you as soon as we’re opening registrations again.

Anyone know how long the wait is? Anyone successfully registered as a business customer?

It can depend on your employment status. If you’re employed/PAYE then it’s a scheme your employer would have to set up on your behalf because it affects your tax and NI contributions. If you run your own business and wish to set up the scheme, then I’d suggest you drop an email to [email protected] and one of the helpful account managers will be able to recommend what steps you need to take.

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it would have to be done through your company not directly

I’ve also enquired via Onto’s business form for my company in October. Heard nothing…

Just an update on this, I followed the advice from @thundertim and emailed [email protected] and now I’m all sorted (it’s my company and I sort the payroll - so I could do all the internal bits myself).


Great news! The guys I’ve dealt with (David and Andy) are brilliant and couldn’t be more friendly or helpful.


I followed the suggestions from @thundertim and was told by OnTo to fill in the business registration form.

I did this and received an immediate “we are not accepting new business accounts” reply.

Anyone else tried it recently ?

Hi @exigesDB - bear with me and I’ll get an update for you :wink:

@exigesDB - I’ve passed this to O4B to get in touch with you. I can see what’s happened.

The form confirms all is well and you’ll be in touch, but the automated email suggests they’re not taking on new customers.

This has been updated - please disregard the email you received. I’ve asked for O4B to get in touch with you so expect contact soon :slight_smile:

Let me know if you come across any issues

Thanks - Raheel :slight_smile:

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Same here. If I own the company I cannot see why I cannot take a care as a business
s user?

@P26BOW - have you signed up with Onto For Business? They are taking on new accounts if you fill in the form.