Refunds and Surecam

Hi folks. Hoping someone from Onto will see this as having no luck via email or phone even getting a reply.

Last month I got a puncture in my car which took over a week to get fixed due to the way driver line handled getting the work done. In that time I had spoke to Onto who confirmed that they will refund my travelling costs during this time. I just need to keep the receipts. Which I have done. I was told to email them to [email protected] which I did on the 21st October and since then I have had radio silence. The amount was for ÂŁ136.xx.

Secondly, I have been contacted by Surecam who wish to attend on the 24th November. I can’t do this date due to work and it’s impossible for me to change my working days at this short of a notice. My car is parked in a secured car park with no access to the public during work. I have gave them a long list of dates I am available to which they are not happy with. Im not sure what they want me to do.

On a related note, the customer service really needs looked at here. It’s poor.

You need to flag an onto staff member in order for them to see this post and issue.
I’ll flag @Hena_at_Onto for you and trust she can help get this resolved.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @EcoVoid hope you’re well!

Sorry to hear about the problems you’re having. I’ll have a look into this now and reach out to you shortly to let you know what’s happening :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Send multiple emails regarding my insurance excess payback, but no reply!

With punctures I found it’s just easier to get it sorted yourself.

I paid for the excess bolt on which states tyres, windshield etc are covered at no cost, but when I had a nail in my tyre, I phoned onto who told me to call driver line and get it sorted. I confirmed with the agent that i wouldnt be charged due to the bolt on. 3 days later it’s fixed, about 10 days later I get an invoice for 130 for it. I phoned an agent who said i shouldn’t be charged and they’ll escalate, 2 days later phoned again another agent said i shouldn’t be charged. Then someone phoned me saying I shouldn’t be charged. I phoned again, told i shouldn’t be charged and someone will call. Same day so even called but I missed it, left a voicemail saying they’ll remove the cost. I phoned back and this time the lady stated that it doesn’t cost…after the 350 excess, so I’d still be charged but only pay upto 350. No one else knew this.

I’ve had one puncture since I just go to the local tyre guy who does it for £25

You’ll still be charged on return as the tyre needs to be the same as it was. £25 for a puncture is a waste to then be charged again on return for a new one.

If the tyre was repaired professionally it will not need to be replaced on return.

Hena confirmed here Another slow puncture - #7 by Hena_at_Onto that we are allowed to get the tyres repaired/replaced ourselves as long as it’s an exact like for like replacement if it needs to be replaced.


Hey @Ivars I hope you’re doing well. I apologise for the delay in getting back to you, but I’ve reached out to you direct to help get your issues resolved. I’ll be speaking with our Claims Team too to get an update for you on the insurance incident, so will get back to you as soon as possible :slight_smile:

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