Referral - who used it?

I have recently let some friends, family and colleagues know about ONTO and my referral code however under Referrals on my account I can only see one line that states:

1 £50 off coupon Complete: Coupon added

Is this because I used someone else’s referral code when I joined or because someone used mine? Will it show the name of the person who uses my code etc?

Should anyone not know the answer to my questions and would like to use my referral code to help work it out then it is: 4e752 :laughing:

It’s because someone used yours, I believe.

I had someone use mine and got a very grateful £50 off my second month and got the same line in my account!

Best to check with your friends, family and coworkers if you want to know who used it :grinning:

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Thanks, @Tyson wish it would show who used it, or at least some initials if privacy is a concern - guess the next family or friend to turn up with a new electric car gets bought a pint! :laughing:

For data protection reasons, ONTO can’t tell you who used your referral code.

You don’t usually get it applied to your account until the person has taken delivery of their first vehicle.


I think it’s the date of the full payment. My ex wife used my code and the day she told me she just paid it in full for delivery the following week one referral showed up in my account.


@lgrok the only thing my ex-wife gave me was… anyway… :laughing: thanks for the help, everyone.


Yes, I guess when the money from the referred is in their bank account then ONTO will credit the referrer, as there’s now no possibility of a refund.


T’was I! Thanks. I found it on the list of referral codes, you seemed like a nice chap and, well, why not get a quick 50 each?

Mine is a9da1

It would be nice if the system let you know who used it though.


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Very much appreciate it! I hope someone uses yours soon :+1:

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