Referral Questions

Morning all, Just wondering how referrals work… When someone uses my code, is a credit automatically added to my account or is that only once they’ve completed a months subscription? Also, does anyone know if there are any limits? For instance, if I had two referrals in one month, would I get £100 off or would it be split 50/50 across two months? Finally, has anyone got any tips for maximising potential? :crazy_face:

You should get it once they become a paying customer and actually have a subscription. Not the time of them joining. And to my knowledge there is no limit on referrals, even in one month. If you get 2 it will take the £100 off 1 month.

It seems a bit hit and miss though. I’ve given my code out 3 times in the past and they have all told me my code was invalid. Some other people here seem to have no issues with the referral system at all however.


The maximum I’ve ever had is six in one month. That was in the early days when there wasn’t many of us touting our codes on social media. I didn’t receive an invoice one month, and when I enquired why, I was told that referrals had completely covered my subscription for that month!

I believe the credit shows up on your Account as soon as the referee accesses their vehicle for the first time. It’s then applied to your next invoice. Someone told me once that they had kindly used my code and were picking their vehicle up on such and such a day, in the afternoon. Sure enough, that same afternoon a credit popped up in my Account. Presumably it was them.

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We’ll help each other out with anything else, but when it comes to referrals, it’s every subscriber for themselves :wink:


Has anyone been able to consistently get referral discount each month? Even if it’s just one?

Lol, I’ve had one referral in the year I’ve been with them !

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I have a ev review channel that I use ,only just started but hoping as channel grows I will start to get some referrals…lol


Well surely if we all share our codes we’ll get loads?

You get £50 off if you use someone else’s code right? Not just if someone uses yours?

When a new subscriber signs up, they are asked if they have a code. This is the only time they will be asked, a code can’t be added retrospectively. If they then go on to get a vehicle, they will get £50 off their first subscription and the person whose code they use will too.

Occasionally ONTO do a promotion where both referrer and referee get £50 off for each of the first three months as long as the referee maintains an active subscription during that period.

Oh right, I thought it was like that all the time! So you only get money off if somebody uses your referral code?

Apart from the £50 off your first month if you used someone else’s code, the only way to get further fifty quids is by a new subscriber using your code at registration and then getting a vehicle for at least one month.

Okay thank you :grinning: appreciate it! @E7EV

I had the same problem messeged onto straight after and they said its working showed screen shots in the end after months going back and forth it wasn’t resolved my mate how signed up even called then too… and my other referrals went to a different company in the end

Just to check, does everyone get £50 off first month regardless of using a code? When I went to book a car it was showing a discounted amount with a star with the terms stating ‘first month only’. Am I only seeing that because I used a code or will I also get a further £50 credited to my account for the referral?

I have had 6 referrals in the last month :slight_smile: you only get 1 month each the referrer and the new client

I thought it was only if you used a referral code. I also seem to remember them having some sort of offer or money off for the first few months if booking a Zoe at some point but you’ve gone for a 208, right?

Yeah, a 208. This discount was showing against all vehicles though so I guess it was the referral code discount being applied. I was just confused as some people were mentioning that their discount hadn’t been applied and wondered how that could be the case as it was showing for me at the point of booking rather than being applied later.

I think there is normally a £50 discount for your first ever month for whichever car. Might be able to add a referral discount on top of it too?

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You only get £50 off your first month if you supplied a valid referral code when you signed up. From time to time ONTO do special offers in addition to the referral scheme. This could be if they’re having issues shifting stock. Not seen any recently though.

Past offers:

Zoe ZE50 launch: £50 off each of the first three months subscriptions.

April 2020 special offer: £50 off each of the first three months for both referrer and referree.