Referral Links or Clickable Image to share?

I am not sure if this is already possible. I can probably make my my own if the referral URL idea existed but I am frequently stopped to ask about my car and then Wax lyrical about of course. However since these are encounters out and about generally with strangers I don’t think I have a single referral back from all my dedicated PR work!

I have even had at least 2 friends who signed up. But forgot the code by the time they signed up some months after I first told them.

If would be great if we could embed our referral codes or have some way to track them - even a ‘share’ in the app or something that might persist (I appreciate the world is awash with cookie and ad trackers etc now).
But something must exist that might help. Maybe even if there was a space in the app to type in someone’s phone number if they are interested and then it registers their interest with can confirm with them all the necessary marketing pieces for GDPR compliance and that registration tracks the phone number as well as my details from the app and then pays the referral of the user signs up within 6 months or whatever. I am probably over complicating it and need to just try and make sure people remember to use my code - but would be nice if there were other ways!

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Keep a business card size piece of paper in your wallet with your referral code written on it. Then if someone is interested, get them to take a photo of it with their phone. You could include your forum username so they can contact you to confirm they did use your code if and when they register.

To be honest all the referrals I’ve ever had have come thanks to social media rather than actual physical encounters with people. I probably only ever given my code to a handful of people over the last two and a half years.


I thought the same but referral links do open the scheme to abuse with such things as cookie stuffing etc, the current system does the job - I’ve already got £250 worth of referral discount and I’ve only been signed up for a month.

I know what you mean about wax lyrical about ONTO, literally 10 mins ago I went to the car to get something and my next-door neighbour collared me asking about the car, I find the best thing to do is after you speak to someone about ONTO drop them a text or email as a little follow up and put your code in there, making it clear they get £50 off if they use that code.


I haven’t even used my referral code as yet, or put it anywhere…

I am wondering if you could put it in a QR Code, might have to have a play tomorrow :slight_smile:
(my grammar and spelling is crap tonight)

You could create a landing page that the QR links to with all the info on.

Wait until you get the car, if its got the green plate I promise people will ask you about it left right and centre! :laughing:


That’s what I was thinking…

Wont take me long to spin somat up, on one of my domains…


Get a magnetic sticker printed, this can be temporarily displayed on the car exterior … waterproof too :wink:

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I think it works fine I have had 47 referrals since March, you could always design your own QQ code that people can scan

I guess that’s from your channel though? So the link/code is there to see. Well done by the way that should keep you going for a bit!!
I am always out and about when I see someone so would just be good to have a way to share it electronically - I always give folks the website to go to and I am not that bothered that I don’t get the referrals but it’s always nice to get a freebie!!


I created my QR Code and it links to a page on my webhost that has a link to OntO and to the community as well as my referral code…

I’m like you @no_ngins not bothered if people use the referral code or not… if they do its a nice bonus…