Referral code master thread

As Onto is growing and there’s a bunch of us helping out on the forum now, I thought it would be a good idea for a handy thread for new users to find our referral codes to get £50 off their first month.

People could use a random code from the thread when they join or find the code of the particular member that has been helpful to them.

Reply with your code and hopefully we’ll all start getting referrals as the user base grows.

My code is 62601

My code 0f101 for any referrals

Really stupid question where do I find my referral code. I know I’ve seen it somewhere :crazy_face:
Scroll down to referrals

My code is ecc1e also here is a link to my review of car subscription

Great idea. My code is 3cbf1

Happy to help anyone with any questions they may have :blush:

I always thought you had to have already signed up to use this forum, and so that was why we don’t really see referral codes on here? Obviously mistaken though!

Mine’s d55d6

My code is 46880 :blush: recommend the e-208 GT. got the car in red :red_circle: lovely looking car :red_car:

My code is 5935f and I’d really appreciate it if anyone could use it :slight_smile: Thank you :heart:

My referral code is: 541e3

Maybe you’re right @BillN

I hadn’t actually thought about that!

No that’s not the case. Always been able to join the forum whether a subscriber or not. Which of course really helps all those looking to trial an EV switch from ICE.

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My code is 60858. Also happy to help where I can :grin: awaiting delivery of the Zoe GT line :grin:

8790b is my code, driving a Zoe ZE50 GT line for my first venture into Ev’s.

You’re able to read this forum (I was a lurker for a while before signing up) but not contribute unless you’ve got an account :slight_smile:

My code is c972c on the off chance any other lurkers want a code or if I can help with any info before subscribing!


My referral code is cb2fc. Happy to help and share my experience as one relatively new to EVs, with no home charging, and relying only on public chargers. Have not used any paid charging yet. Initially had a DS3 and now have a Kona for my subscription.

My code is 9e2e7. I have had a Zoe ZE40 and ZE50 and I currently have an Ioniq and I am happy to offer advice and assistance to anyone.

I’m in the North East of Scotland and have a pretty decent knowledge of the charging infrastructure around here.

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Hi all,

My referral code is 4c2d7. I’ve got my first sub coming - e-208 GT Line coming next Thursday but already think I’ll upgrade to the GT after a month depending on how it goes.

Reading all the forums and topics especially ones related to charging points and some pain points I’m hearing about those.

Welcome new potential subscribers! My referral code is 00f7f.

Based in Manchester and have been through the full cycle of using On.To, swapping, handing back and re-subscribing so happy to share my experiences.

New person here so thank you for the code I’ve just used from someone. Mine is 83ced