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@Adam_at_Onto can you help me understand this one please? So on the 5th of September I redeemed my points for a 500 mile bolt on, the only bolt-on I’ve used in the subscription month. I got a confirmation email saying that the points had been redeemed and how many I have left remaining.
On the 9th of September I booked for the car to be collected on the 26th September, a day before my subscription term ends. I then find out by notification from my bank that I’ve been charged for the 500 mile bolt on and I get an email from Onto saying there’s a £200 charge for “Remaining time on Additional Mileage after 27 Aug 2022” . After emailing support, I’m told that it could be seen that I “attempted” to redeem the points but the discount was not successful or applied because it was done after the renewal date.
Can you explain why I wasn’t told that the bolt-on was unsuccessful despite being told it was successful by email and the miles were added immediately. Also, I can’t see any mention in the Rewards Terms that redeemed mileage bolt-ons can only be used in the following renewal month so why would they be attributed differently to a regular bolt-on, or have I missed something?

Obviously Adam will weigh in more than I can, but just to share my experience with bolt ins from last month.

I too applied a bolt on mid-Month, and it applied straight away, email, points deducted etc.

However, I was charged ££ for it as well.

Speaking to an advisor on the process, which is still an odd one to me, is: they redeem your points and apply the miles; the auto payment system will charge you cash; another process will say “hang on a second auto payment system, this customer used points”; then the payment system goes something like “my bad” and then you will be refunded for the bolt on 5 days later, give or take.

Really hoping this is one of the process that changes in the future as it’s super confusing and is creating unnecessary transactions between merchant and bank.

Obviously your issue is a bit deeper than mine, but hopefully helps as to why you get charged cash for the bolt on when your points have been used.


@Calvmeister Thanks for flagging. I’ve passed on the question to our payments manager for review and either he or @Hena_at_Onto will get back to you.


Thanks for posting @MisterOaks , I appreciate knowing I’m not the only one to experience this.

I’ll add to this, I successfully redeemed my points for a discount on extra miles as the vehicle is going back next week. Everything was showing correct in my account, but I’ve not got my invoice yet.

Yet ONTO had tried to take the full price from my account.

I’m guessing it was a pre auth, but there’s no next month, so wouldn’t it be easier (and much less confusing) just taking the payment less discount?

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Literally having this issue right now (minus the returning car)

My renewal date is 21st, so on the 14th i get charged the pre-auth. On Monday i and about 100 miles left and around 6800 points so i redeemed 750 miles, all good, they got applied and I had 850 miles or whatever.

Come to the 14th yesterday and they attempt to take 724 rather than the usual 589 (I have a specific bank account this payment comes from so I out the exact amount in every payday).

I called twice and spoke to 2 different people who had no idea why I was being charged 135 for a bolt on I’d redeemed with points. First one said they’d contact the payments team, second one told me to email the rewards team. The rewards team told me even if you redeem with points you’ll be charged regardless then refunded later (no idea when that would be, they didn’t elaborate) which is such a pointless system. Spoke to another advisor today who had no idea what was going on with it either and said they’d ask the payments team.

I can’t blame them, I worked customer service, I know how it is, but for onto as a whole this system is just ridiculous, if the advisors don’t know how the system works, how are we as consumers supposed to?

This is the second huge issue I’ve had as well, the previous being having a nail in my tyre and thinking it was concerned because I have the excess bolt on which states tyres are covered but being charged for it, again, advisors thought it was covered because it says on the terms.

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Getting that point where it’s not worth mixing bolt ons and rewards as it would seem onto still tries to take the full amount and CS do not understand how these two things work, strange as I didn’t set this process up magically, all from onto so needs to be sorted out as don’t really want complex conversations with (I know they are trying their best CS):face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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FYI, I haven’t heard anything yet.

Hi @Calvmeister hope you’re well! Sorry you didn’t receive any follow up from us sooner. I’ve just emailed you directly to let you know what I’ve done. Please have a look through this and let me know if I can do anything more for you :grin: