Receiving my ZE50

Hi all,

Just thought I’d share a little about my experience. Had my ZE50 delivered this morning from Gefco. Brand new 70 plate vehicle with only delivery miles on it- 15 miles at the start of the driver’s journey.
Seemed to be a really eerily flawless process for me- to the extent I couldn’t believe the car was actually going to be delivered with how easy the ordering process is.
Cannot fault Derek- the delivery driver. He was fantastic. He knew the car inside out and was genuinely interested in helping me get to know my new car!
All in all, highly impressed with the car and the whole process from ordering to delivery!


Good to hear. I get my ZE50 next week.


I took delivery of my Zoe last week and I’m also delighted with it and with ONTO’s service. Enjoy your car :slight_smile: