Recall - what to do

I’ve got a recall message on the BMW i3 app.
Am I okay to book it in and arrange it myself or should you guys at onto be arranging it?
It says it’s a free recall for the granny cable.

Call the ONTO Driverline team. They will make the booking and ensure that it is taken care of properly from their end and as their responsibility. 0800 030 6840.


I think I have seen another thread on this, but just to say I booked mine in last week with driveline for a “while you wait” with BMW Hungerford. Whilst they had not seen an onto car before (which caused a few questions initially since BMW store more information in the key than most manufacturers and typically look at service info from a key read) there were several people there who seemed to be aware and knew what to do and sorted it all very quickly and easily. As has been said elsewhere just needed a signature and a photo of the new cable sat in the frunk/froot with the Reg and VIN visible. Service record seems to have been updated already. Not that I have ever used the granny cable, but thought I should sort it whist the car is in my care.