Really disappointing

I have been with onto over one and half year. And returned the car on 24th October.
Really disappointed and unhappy on this bad ending.
My previous collection day was on 21st Oct and due to the miscommunication between Onto and Third party. The collection day changed to 24th. And Charged me three day fees ahead and promise I will get refund if I not drive.
So I left the car until 24th and been collected. I received an email today from Samia said I will not get refunded because I drive the car in this period. It is a big joke. The car was left for three days under CCTV. The customer service is really unprofessional.
I hope this can be sorted.

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Sounds like the logistics partner had a shortfall of drivers on the original day, hence the roll back.
Unfortunately that’s something that happens on a regular basis as there are not enough drivers in the U.K. (and the rest of Europe) to deal with all the vehicle movements required.

I will flag an Onto employee for you to follow up on this issue.
@Hena_at_Onto one for you.


Thx burnt!

Hi @frankfu hope you’re well. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been told you won’t receive any refund for the extra period of time you had the car while waiting for a collection. I understand that you didn’t make use of the car, so I’ll get this double checked and we’ll reach out with an update as soon as we can :grin:

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Thx Hena. Really appreciate for your help

hi @Hena_at_Onto I’d appreciate a response to my emails, ongoing complaint for weeks, and on numerous occasions I’ve had no response to my emails to you. Spoke to Ashley on the phone yesterday after having to waste hours as a result of no response. So would appreciate it if you speak to him and get my situation sorted. Really didn’t want to have to post here on the forum but bit frustrating to see things get responded to here when I’ve had no response to an email I sent to you on Thursday and Monday. Thanks.

Hey @amar I hope you’ve been well. Sorry if you’ve not received any response to your emails. Ash did call you instead as he’s also part of the Complaints Team and we did discuss the issue together. I’ll send you another email shortly just to let you know what’s happening. I apologise if any of my previous emails didn’t send through to you or if I didn’t respond to any sent through recently, as I do aim to reply to them as quickly as I can :slight_smile:

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@Hena_at_Onto. Could you arrange somebody give me a call. I am not happy with the result. My previous collection date is 21st on Friday. So the last time I used the car at 3am on 21st. After that, I haven’t touched the car. And due to your fault you change the collection date from 21st to 24th. I haven’t used the car between 21st to 24th. So I am totally not understand why you charge me for this three days. I don’t know why you team focus on the time period from 20th to 24th. The day 20th is still before my previous collection. Thx

Hi, was this issue resolved?

yes, Hena help me solve it

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Bear in mind that there are around 6,000 subscribers and relatively few major issues. Things do happen, and generally they are quickly resolved. ONTO welcome feedback and are genuinely striving to improve.

Also, while I don’t doubt the truth of the claims posted on this forum, they are only one side of the story and ONTO aren’t able to call out people who are exaggerating, unreasonable or uncooperative.