Real world miles ds3

Not getting great real world miles on the ds3 just got 115 miles on a 90% charge

Is that a continuous journey or lots of short ones? Having to heat the car from cold regularly will badly harm the range. Try to minimise this by keeping the temperature set comfortable but not hot. If you do charge at home, preheat before departure.

Have you also checked the tyre pressures are right? That can make a big difference too.

It seems these PSA manufactured cars aren’t the most efficient ones out there so I’m not surprised the range isn’t great, but you can hopefully improve it a little.


Wow 115miles and I was complaining about my Zoe lol :laughing: I think Onto should look into some cars with good range.I love the new Ford Mustang with 376miles range!

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this is mainly smaller stop and start journeys so i should be generating charge on the braking aswell,i understand the cold affects but was expecting around 150 miles,will keep monitoring and see if this is a normal thing


Mine now maxes at about 120miles which is abysmal and the predictive element is garbage as it thinks approx 174miles when full… I’ve had 2 instances in past week where mileage has suddenly dropped and I’ve had to abort my journey and go home as not enough range/time to complete the journey - I live in public charging no man’s land…

Hi everyone. I am a newbie - got a DS3 almost two weeks ago. My first EV experience and I am enjoying driving it. However, like others, the mileage I am getting even on a full charge is not good, even on a nice, long drive on the motorway. Estimated mileage is not even close and I have had to take unplanned stops to get a charge to bring it to a high enough level to get me to my destinations. About 110-120 miles on a full charge even though it has indicated 186 miles to start off.

Also, this is a great group/community here as I have been reading the posts and what everyone has been sharing. A thanks to all as the posts have been very helpful in getting up-to-speed in having an EV.


You should actually get more range from doing town/City driving than motorway driving in an EV. They’re sort of opposite to ICE cars in that way.

Are you doing much town/city driving?

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Ah, okay, good to know…still though, that much drop versus estimated? Yes, I have done a lot of city driving as well though have not kept full note of mileage when driving around the city as I didn’t have range anxiety, and I also figured that I lost mileage with a lot of time spent in traffic.

Yep I get about 120miles a charge not an issue as don’t really do any journey more than 30 miles, I really don’t think if you are someone that does long distance driving ev vehicles aren’t for you they really are only for city driving the zone did about 30 miles more on a full charge ,you really have to step up in price to get longer range ev like the tesla lr

It’s unfortunate how many EV have really bad range estimators. For longer distance driving, I would recommend taking a look at the Hyundai Kona. Personally I am not too bothered about range as long as I can drive a couple hours between breaks. I know the required planning isn’t for everyone though.

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EVs don’t have bad range estimators, its just that you need to understand what you are looking at.
The reason for the inaccuracy is that EVs are really very efficient, 1 litre of petrol is equivalent to 9 KWh of battery so its like driving a petrol car with a 5 litre tank, so everything matters.

In some cars the estimate based on what you did yesterday but that is not much better unless you always do the same journey in the same conditions and it results in large swings in estimates which can be confusing. I test drove an I3 that had such a low estimated range (<80 miles) that i walked away but it was probably because the dealer kept shuffling it round the compound, each warm up form colds cost about 5 miles range. The Tesla system of telling you the range you will have left at your destination is quite good as you very quickly realise what driving habits use the range up.

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Any estimator that requires you to do conversions in your head I consider bad.

Except for those made by PSA.

I’ve never heard so many complaints about not only the range but also the GOM prediction vs reality compared to any other EV model.

@Kenzo I don’t know if the DS3 displays % state of charge or it’s just a gauge like the 208. In any case you’re probably better off ignoring the GOM and assuming 1 to 1.25 miles for every 1% SoC in winter (this should give you a safety margin as well) and maybe 1.5 to 1.75 miles per 1% in summer.

Driving an EV improves your mental arithmetic :wink:


I’m changing to the Kona at end of January for this very reason, nothing but good comments to about the range on this vehicle…

Same. The much better range isn’t a huge surprise though. The Kona battery has approx 40% more usable capacity than the DS3 battery (64kWh vs approx 45kWh).

Very much looking forward to swapping my e-208 for a Kona.


Apples and pears and horses for courses.

I think it’s a little unfair to compare the Kona with the e-208 because there different segment vehicles and the Kona is £110 more a month.

As far as the DS3 is concerned it’s a bit closer. Nonetheless the Kona is £60 and £30 more than the Performance and Ultra respectively.

It’ll be interesting to see what those swapping from a DS3 to a Kona will have to say. Is the DS3 more stylish and comfortable, or just style over substance?


I can’t imagine many people swapping from a DS3 to a Kona. The DS3 attracts a certain type that the Kona just wouldn’t.

As you say, perhaps style over substance.


As I said I am swapping the ds3 nice car but the random range, coupled with living in public charging wasteland means it simply isn’t practical :frowning:

Yes, it does. Will keep your suggested multiples in mind, thanks

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